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We should embrace AI.

The Use of AI by Students in Higher Education: Embrace or Reject?

Datum:07 november 2023

About a year ago, Chat GPT was introduced and made freely accessible. This allowed hundreds of millions of people to become familiar with the possibilities that artificial intelligence (AI) offers, sparking a lively debate about both the positive and...

When firms collaborate for technological innovation with external partners, could this be a starting point for management innovation?

Beyond the scope of the deal: Can technological collaboration lead to management innovation?

Datum:26 juni 2023

Firms face mounting pressure to connect  the technological and management spheres of their innovation strategies. Management innovation - renewing a firm’s practices to manage people and resources -  has become key to navigating grand technological...

Some items were originally intended for completely different purposes.

Repurposing: A Missed Opportunity for Innovation?

Datum:19 januari 2023

When we think of innovation, we often envision new technologies and products. However, focusing solely on novelty can obscure an often overlooked opportunity: repurposing. For instance, did you know that Play-Doh was originally used as a wallpaper cleaner...

How can firms best build the necessary digital competence?

Many ways lead to digital transformation

Datum:25 november 2022

Digital transformation is becoming a key area for firms to stay competitive. Firms must adopt new digital technologies to improve their operations, products and services. Those technologies can refer to the use of various social media channels to get...

Digital transformation

How to become digitally ready?

Datum:26 januari 2022

Digital transformation is ubiquitous and considered a strategic imperative for most firms. However, as One of the most pervasive organizational changes, internalizing new technologies is a risky endeavor. High failure rates have been noted because most...