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Some items were originally intended for completely different purposes.

Repurposing: A Missed Opportunity for Innovation?

Datum:19 januari 2023

When we think of innovation, we often envision new technologies and products. However, focusing solely on novelty can obscure an often overlooked opportunity: repurposing. For instance, did you know that Play-Doh was originally used as a wallpaper cleaner...

Blockchains have many different applications.

What are enterprise blockchains and why should we care?

Datum:17 december 2021

Recently, blockchains have received significant media attention due to the rise in cryptocurrency prices. Digital money such as Bitcoin and Ethereum is perhaps the best-known application of blockchains. However, an even stronger promise lies in enterprise...

What can we learn from the COVID-19 drug and vaccine development?

What can we learn from the COVID-19 drug and vaccine development?

Datum:19 februari 2021

COVID-19 has powerfully demonstrated the central role that new drug and vaccine development plays in combating a pandemic. The challenge is on the one hand to react quickly and on the other hand to develop a safe and effective treatment method. How have...