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Faculty of Economics and Business

The Faculty of Economics and Business empowers and connects students, academics and external stakeholders to have a joint positive impact on regional, national and global economic and business challenges in science and society. We aim to have both a scientific impact as well as one beyond science within business practice and society.


  • 13 March 2023

    New insights into the deep cultural roots of entrepreneurship

    Second-generation immigrants are more likely to become entrepreneurs if their parents originate from countries characterized by a strong entrepreneurial culture than second-generation immigrants whose parents stem from countries characterized by a...
  • 08 February 2023

    Watch out for invisible influencing!

    Whether you talk to someone in the street, read the newspaper, or scroll through Instagram, you are constantly being influenced. These influences affect our opinions and behaviour even when we are blissfully unaware. So why are we so easily influenced? And...

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