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University of Groningen Press publishes first open access scholarly book
Date:07 April 2020

UGP publishes first academic open access book. First English translation of Achenwall's Prolegomena iuris naturalis published open access. Editor: Pauline Kleingeld, translator: Corinna Vermeulen

Decentralized network governance: Zwitter and Hazenberg’s Frontier publication
Date:07 April 2020

Campus Fryslân Dean Andrej Zwitter and PhD researcher Jilles Hazenberg from the Data Research Center published their article on decentralized network governance on Frontiers; an Open Access Publisher and Open Science Platform.

The psychological impact of the coronavirus crisis
Date:07 April 2020

What are the consequences of the coronavirus crisis for our wellbeing? What are people’s thoughts surrounding this pandemic? What are their expectations regarding its future economic consequences? Psychologist Pontus Leander is leading a global psychological study, PsyCorona, into the consequences of the coronavirus crisis.

Traditions in the Arctic in times of change
Date:06 April 2020

n 2018, Arctic Centre postdoc Sean Desjardins received an NWO Veni grant to study the resilience of Inuit traditional life in Arctic Canada. In this narrative, he tells us something about his interdisciplinary approach and how he co-operates with Indigenous communities. Besides his ambitions to performing high-quality research, Desjardins is clearly motivated by the relevance of his research for the area and for Indigenous societies around the world.

Five percent increase in municipal residential taxes for home owners
Date:06 April 2020

Households that own their own home paid 776 euros to the municipality on average this year, which is 5.0 percent more than last year. 295 euros of this amount covers the immovable property tax (ozb), 283 euros are paid for waste collection levy, and 199 euros for sewerage charges. This is the conclusion in the Atlas van de Lokale Lasten 2020 [Atlas of Local Levies], presented by the Centre for Research on Local Government Economics [Centrum voor Onderzoek van de Economie van de Lagere Overheden (COELO).

Temporary extra lecture halls in Oude Boteringestraat 18
Date:06 April 2020

In order to - after resuming physical education due to the coronavirus - reduce the shortage of teaching spaces, the University of Groningen will temporarily create extra teaching spaces and study landscape on the ground floor of Oude Boteringestraat 18.

Modules International Law, International Relations and Political Science now available within Oxford Bibliographies
Date:06 April 2020

International Law, International Relations and Political Science now available within Oxford Bibliographies

X-rays reveal in situ crystal growth of lead-free perovskite solar panel materials
Date:06 April 2020

Lead-based perovskites are very promising materials for the production of solar panels. They efficiently turn light into electricity but they also present some major drawbacks: the most efficient materials are not very stable, while lead is a toxic element. University of Groningen scientists are studying alternatives to lead-based perovskites.

Nanopore reveals shape-shifting enzyme linked to catalysis
Date:06 April 2020

University of Groningen scientists observed the characteristics of a single enzyme inside a nanopore. This revealed that the enzyme can exist in four different folded states, or conformers, that play an active role in the reaction mechanism. These results will have consequences for enzyme engineering and the development of inhibitors.

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