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March 22 joint statement following occupation of Academy Building stairs
Date:23 March 2023

On 22 March about 50 students occupied the stairs of the Academy Building. The demands are measures about social safety within the University of Groningen. The members of the Board of the University entered into a conversation with the students.

Lezing Het universum van Willem Frederik Hermans
Date:23 March 2023

Lezing Het Universum van Willem Frederik Hermans, door Max Pam, Hans Renders en Piet Schreuders

Apply for the Summer School on Intercultural Competence
Date:22 March 2023

Do you help others develop their intercultural competence? And do you want to further your ability to engage with cultural diversity in your classroom? Then the Summer School on Intercultural Competence is for you.

Clearing court backlogs through plea bargaining
Date:21 March 2023

The Dutch court system is severely backed up. The number of cases is increasing and court proceedings are dragging on. For nearly two decades now, Laura Peters, lecturer at the Faculty of Law of the University of Groningen, has studied — and advocated — the introduction of plea bargaining in the Netherlands to serve as a bypass. ‘Other countries have used plea bargaining for years. The Netherlands is running behind.’

Jessica de Bloom appointed as Aletta Jacobs Professor in Human Resource Management, Occupational Health and Wellbeing
Date:21 March 2023

The Faculty of Economics and Business (FEB) is pleased to announce that Jessica de Bloom has been appointed as Aletta Jacobs Professor in Human Resource Management, Occupational Health and Wellbeing. The chair is situated within the department of Human Resource Management and Organizational Behavior (HRM & OB).

Law students give specialized workshop at the University of Haifa, Israel
Date:21 March 2023

This month, a team of students from the Faculty Law participating in the ‘Cyber Attribution Project ’ led by Evgeni Moyakine gave a specialized workshop at the Center for Cyber Law & Policy of the University of Haifa, Israel.

Brigit Toebes selected as chair of State Commission on MDMA
Date:21 March 2023

Brigit Toebes, Professor at the Faculty of Law at the University of Groningen and scientific director of the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health, has been selected to act as the chair of the State Commission on MDMA. The Dutch Council of Ministers agreed to the proposal by Ernst Kuipers, Minister of Health, Welfare and Sport.

Safe, independent cycling for the visually impaired
Date:20 March 2023

Can visually impaired people cycle safely on their own? Bart Jelijs argues that guidelines for that purpose should not solely be based on the nature or extent of a visual impairment, because that would unnecessarily exclude many visually impaired people. In addition, not only are environmental conditions, such as infrastructure and traffic conditions, important in this respect, but also self-confidence.

Miljoenendonatie impuls leefstijlprogramma’s UMCG
Date:20 March 2023

De Stichting Beatrixoord Noord Nederland (BEANN) doneert 1,25 miljoen aan het UMCG om in de komende vijf jaar verschillende leefstijl- en onderzoeksprogramma’s mee te financieren. BEANN heeft nog eens 500.000 euro gereserveerd om eventueel na vijf jaar de programma’s verder te kunnen helpen.

New podcast: Open Science Bites
Date:20 March 2023

The new podcast Open Science Bites by the University of Groningen showcases open practices in a to the point and engaging way.

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