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Top Dutch Solar Racing pakt pole position tijdens de Solar Challenge Morocco 2021
Date:25 October 2021

Met een vliegende tijd van 00:02:17 nam Top Dutch Solar Racing de trofee in ontvangst en behaalden ze pole position! Dit geeft het team een extra boost om komende maandag te starten aan de uitdagende Solar Challenge Morocco 2021.

Van Old noar Jong: reinforcing the village community using the Groningen dialect
Date:25 October 2021

The Van Old noar Jong teaching programme will be launched on Thursday 28 October. This is the first time that digital tools are being deployed locally to promote the sense of community between the different generations in a village in the province of Groningen using the regional dialect.

VNAL subsidie voor internationale expertmeeting over (het voorkomen van) executieveilingen
Date:25 October 2021

De Vereniging van Notarissen in het voormalig Arrondissement Leeuwarden (VNAL) heeft een subsidie van € 4.500 toegekend aan dr. Irene Visser voor het organiseren van een internationale expertmeeting over (het voorkomen van) executieveilingen, die op 13 en 14 januari volgend jaar aan de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen wordt gehouden.

The secret of ultralight but stiff sandwich nanotubes
Date:25 October 2021

Modelling by materials scientists from the University of Groningen revealed how to design lightweight but very stiff porous materials.

Celebrating openness: The Open Research Award event
Date:21 October 2021

Join our online event on 28 October 2021 to celebrate the many ways in which academics make their research more accessible, transparent or reproducible.

Van Old noar Jong: met het Gronings de dorpsgemeenschap versterken
Date:21 October 2021

Het lesprogramma Van Old noar Jong wordt 28 oktober gelanceerd. Dit programma bevat een app om het Groningse dialect te leren aan schoolkinderen.

Student Carlijn van Beek wins KNCV Golden Master Award
Date:21 October 2021

Carlijn van Beek has won the 2021 Golden Master Award for her Master’s research. She is Master’s student in Chemistry at the University of Groningen (UG). The award has been granted by the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV) since 2009.

Europeans in the Americas 1000 years ago
Date:20 October 2021

The Vikings were active in North America in the year 1021 AD. This now represents the earliest – and only – known year in which Europeans were present in the Americas prior to the arrival of Columbus in 1492 AD. It also represents a definitive point in time by which the Atlantic Ocean had been traversed and human migration had finally encircled the globe.

Newspapers in former times: between reporting and propaganda
Date:19 October 2021

Newspapers first made their appearance in the Netherlands as early as 400 years ago. They mostly consisted of eyewitness accounts, which were as reliable or unreliable then as they are today. Historian Joop Koopmans talks about the news in early modern times and points to differences from and similarities with today’s news. In those days, newspapers mostly reported on international (political) news – which sometimes led to a reprimand.

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