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University of Groningen scientists design superfast molecular motor
Date:17 June 2021

Light-driven molecular motors have been around for over twenty years. These motors typically take microseconds to nanoseconds for one revolution. Thomas Jansen, associate professor of physics at the University of Groningen, and Master’s student Atreya Majumdar have now designed an even faster molecular motor.

Doe mee aan lezingen en werkcolleges met gastschrijver RUG Mathijs Deen
Date:16 June 2021

De werkcolleges zijn voor een select aantal RUG-studenten. De lezingen zijn openbaar toegankelijk.

Julia wins the Ecolas Award
Date:15 June 2021

Julia Jacukowicz, a second year UCG student, has won the Hans Adriaansens Student Awards through the Ecolas (European Consortium of Liberal Arts and Sciences) call for proposals.

How do you involve citizens in the energy transition?
Date:15 June 2021

The transition to clean energy is one of the biggest challenges of the moment. What makes citizens want to be involved? And how can people have a say in their energy?

From ‘closed’ science to Open Science
Date:15 June 2021

Vera Heininga is the Open Science coordinator and future programme leader of the upcoming Open Science programme of the University of Groningen. Together with her colleagues, she created the Open Science Community Groningen (OSCG). She explains what Open Science is.

From the Board of the University: UG signs Diversity Charter
Date:11 June 2021

On 10 June, together with a large number of companies and organizations, President of the Board of the University of Groningen Jouke de Vries signed the Diversity Charter.

UG history book now available
Date:11 June 2021

President of the Board of the University Jouke de Vries has received the first copy of The University of Groningen in the World: A Concise History.

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