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University of Groningen shocked after shooting incident Erasmus MC
Date:29 September 2023

The University of Groningen is shocked by the terrible event in Rotterdam on Thursday, 28 September 2023, in which an Erasmus University Rotterdam student shot and killed three people in and around Erasmus MC.

Wubbo Ockels School will act as National Nominating Body for Frontiers Planet Prize
Date:29 September 2023

Wubbo Ockels School of Energy and Climate will act as a National Nominating Body, within Netherlands for the second edition of the Frontiers Planet Prize.

PureIMS wins the LIFE Science Innovation Award 2023
Date:28 September 2023

The Groningen Research Institute of Pharmacy (GRIP) spin-off company PureIMS has won the LIFE Science Innovation Award

Open Research Award - Call for submissions 2023 still open
Date:27 September 2023

The University of Groningen Library (UB) and the Open Science Community Groningen (OSCG) organize the annual Open Research Award to celebrate open research practices.

AI-kennis naar de jonge generatie in Noord-Nederland
Date:27 September 2023

Het gloednieuwe 'Jouw Technologie van Morgen' onderwijsprogramma heeft als missie om jongeren bewust te maken van AI en hen te betrekken bij deze revolutie. Tijdens het weekend van Zpannend Zernike wordt het programma voor het eerst gepresenteerd in de Wetenschapstruck. Op zaterdag 30 september bevindt deze zich aan de Deusinglaan bij het UMCG, en op zondag verplaatst de truck naar de Zernike campus.

What your pet wants is not always what you believe it wants
Date:26 September 2023

In this interview with researcher Esther Bouma, she talks about the influence people can have on pet welfare. A much needed service, because the ways in which people think about their pets these days, and especially the ways in which they think for their pets, is not always in the animals’ best interests. She also talks about her consulting firm, Katsgewijs, where she gives advice with about cat behavior.

We’re going to put a radio telescope on the back side of the Moon
Date:25 September 2023

Léon Koopmans wants to put a telescope on the moon to peer into the Cosmic Dark Ages

ERN 2023: Music as instrument for connection and a healthier brain
Date:25 September 2023

Music not only makes people happy or melancholic, it potentially also acts as a ‘cognitive vaccine’ and enhances recovery after surgery. During the Science Show of the European Researchers' Night, on September 29, researchers Marie-José van Tol and Krista de Wit will share their insights on these topics.

UG project Data Autonomy at Beyond Data Protection Conference 2023
Date:22 September 2023

The UG's data autonomy project was represented during the Beyond Data Protection Conference 2023 on 21 and 22 September. The conference focussed on regulating information and protection against risks of the Digital Society.

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