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Three FSE researchers receive an NWO XS grant
Date:06 June 2023

With the XS grants, NWO strives to encourage curiosity-driven and bold research involving a quick analysis of a promising idea. A special aspect is that the applicants themselves assess the other applications.

Public Participation Center takes off with symposium and website
Date:06 June 2023

On May 30, 2023 t he Wubbo Ockels School and the Public Participation Centre , in collaboration with New Energy Coalition organised the symposium 'Citizen Assemblies' in the House of Connections.

Rehabilitation through virtual reality games
Date:05 June 2023

Digital Health Care Technologies, also known as eHealth, could drastically change the field of healthcare. The combination of Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, wearables, telehealth, telemonitoring, and Artificial Intelligence is opening new doors for personalized care, improved patient involvement, and more efficient treatments. The Jantina Tammes School supports researchers who are continuing to develop these technologies, in addition to playing an active role in the collaboration between care providers, policymakers, and industries in order to maximize advantages for patients.

Launch event Data Autonomy 22 June: Let's do it!
Date:05 June 2023

Join us for the exciting launch event of the Data Autonomy project on 22 June in the House of Connections and be part of an enaging discussion on data autonomy in academia. The event is organized by the Center for Information Technology in collaboration with the Jantina Tammes School of Digital Society, Technology and AI.

Home@House of Connections: the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health
Date:05 June 2023

Four Schools for Science & Society and the University of the North (UvhN) will operate from the House of Connections — part of the Groot Handelshuis — at the Grote Markt. Who will they collaborate with, what will they tackle first, and how will the House Of Connections support them to achieve their goals? This time: the Aletta Jacobs School of Public Health . Eight questions for the managing director Frederic van Kleef.

Genomineerden Gerrit Krolprijs bekend!
Date:05 June 2023

Uit alle inzendingen voor de derde editie van de Gerrit Krolprijs heeft de jury drie essays genomineerd. De genomineerde studenten zijn: Tobias Postma, Emke Sijtsma en Hanna Végh! Op woensdag 14 juni 2023 wordt de winnaar bekendgemaakt tijdens de feestelijke prijsuitreiking.

Interdisciplinary research internships: The X-Phi Lab Group Groningen.
Date:02 June 2023

In this monthly blog about new ways of teaching, educators talk about their innovative, creative and impactful teaching initiatives. From unusual teaching methods to new technologies - everything is covered. How did these ideas come about and what impact does it have on students?

This month, Lieuwe Zijlstra, Assistant Professor at University College Groningen about his Interdisciplinary research internships.

Producing large, clean 2D materials made easy: just KISS
Date:01 June 2023

An international team of surface scientists has now developed a simple method to produce large and very clean 2D samples from a range of materials using three different substrates.

Large mural for House of Connections at the Grote Markt
Date:01 June 2023

Lithuanian artist Kamilė Česnavičiūte has made a mural at the brand-new UG House of Connections, which is part of the Groot Handelshuis at the Grote Markt. The artwork can be foundon the right wall of the staircase to the first floor, which also leads to the LaPlace restaurant. In line with the House of Connections vision, the artwork focuses on the concrete connection between science and society.

Ombudsperson's annual report published
Date:31 May 2023

The ombudsperson's annual report has been published.

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