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Research Integrity: Why your voice truly matters
Date:23 October 2020

RDO newsitem on the National Survey on Research Integrity (NSRI)

Eerste Groningen TOPsportstudiestad Kennissessie met Kirsten Wild
Date:23 October 2020

Woensdag 21 oktober vond de allereerste Groningen TOPsportstudiestad Kennissessie plaats.

Tentoonstelling Verzamelwoede in het nieuws
Date:22 October 2020

Bijzondere Collecties in het nieuws. Het Dagblad van het Noorden besteedde deze week ruim aandacht aan onze nieuwe expositie Verzamelwoede, een eeuw Nederlandse plaatjesalbums uit eigen collectie (1920-2020).

Prehistoric residents of the Netherlands began farming earlier than first thought
Date:21 October 2020

The livelihood of farmers in the Netherlands during the Neolithic era became important earlier than was previously thought. Cattle were already being kept at an earlier stage as an important part of food provision. This is the conclusion of research conducted by archaeologists Safoora Kamjan, Canan Çakırlar, Daan Raemaekers (University of Groningen) and Rosalind Gillis (University of Algarve), which was published on 21 October 2020 in academic journal PLOS ONE.

Verplicht financiële participatie bij zon- en windparken niet afdwingbaar
Date:21 October 2020

Hanna Tolsma, universitair docent bij de Faculteit Rechtsgeleerdheid van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen heeft in samenwerking met Lexnova Overheidsadvies onderzoek gedaan naar de afdwingbaarheid door overheden van participatie bij de ontwikkeling van projecten voor hernieuwbare energie.

Meet & Greet Young Researchers: Digital Society
Date:21 October 2020

Connect and meet with young reseachers, entrepreneurs and representatives of governmental organisations and companies.

RICS accreditation Master in Real Estate Studies extended
Date:20 October 2020

After its initial accreditation by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) for the period 2016-2020, our MSc. Real Estate Studies programme has been re-accredited for another 4 years by the RICS for the period 2021-2025.

Gut bacteria could be responsible for side effect of Parkinson’s drug
Date:20 October 2020

Bacteria in the small intestine can deaminate levodopa, the main drug that is used to treat Parkinson’s disease. Bacterial processing of the unabsorbed fractions of the drug results in a metabolite that reduces gut motility.

Drinking like Brugman: new blog entry Gauronica
Date:20 October 2020

On our weblog Gauronica , about things from Groningen, that is to say: objects from the Special Collections in the University of Groningen Library, a new, richly illustrated article was published by UB staff member Wim Braakman .

Photo report: Wonders of the film archive
Date:19 October 2020

At the University's Film Archive, you can feast your eyes on row after row of film cans offering old and unique footage, camera and projection equipment used in the distant past, including magic lanterns, stereoscopes, cameras and projectors dating back approximately 100 years. A photo report.

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