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Artificial Intelligence learns better when distracted
Date:27 July 2021

Computer scientists from the Netherlands and Spain have now determined how a deep learning system well suited for image recognition learns to recognize its surroundings. They were able to simplify the learning process by forcing the system’s focus toward secondary characteristics.

Research into how couples negotiate their individual desires to have children
Date:22 July 2021

Interviewing couples provides different information than conducting individual interviews. By observing the dynamics of the couple during the interview, Billie wants to better understand how these dynamics play a role in the decision whether to have children

AIHACKCOVID | Outcomes and winning team
Date:19 July 2021

From 24 - 27 June, AIMED, COVER, and IFMSA Groningen hosted aiHackCovid, the online AI - COVID-19 hackathon. Talented students and staff from a variety of fields in AI, computer science, and epidemiology took on COVID-19 and found fascinating patterns in pandemic data.

UG economists predict: 'Netherlands to experience most successful Games ever in Tokyo'
Date:19 July 2021

RUG economists Fabian ten Kate and Elmer Sterken predict that the Dutch Olympic team in Tokyo will experience its most successful Games ever. According to Ten Kate and Sterken, the team will achieve twelve gold medals (as many as in Sydney in 2000), eleven silver and eleven bronze medals. This would put the Netherlands in sixth place in the country standings and fulfills the NOC*NSF's top-10 goal.

Sustainable behavior makes people happy
Date:19 July 2021

A new study however suggests that people who behave sustainably may also experience direct benefits from this: sustainable behavior could make them happier.

Advance notice Call for Proposals 2021-2022
Date:16 July 2021

Advance notice Call for Proposals 2021/2022 Data Science, Geodienst and Visualization of the CIT.

Five UG/UMCG researchers awarded Vidi grants
Date:14 July 2021

The Dutch Research Council ( NWO ) has awarded a Vidi grant of €800,000 to Julia Kamenz, Vânia Correia de Aguiar, Alberto Godioli, Gert Stulp and Marco Demaria. With this grant, the researchers can develop their own innovative five-year research plans and can establish their own research groups.

Financiering voor ontwikkeling van innovatieve inhalatietherapie voor COPD-patiënten
Date:14 July 2021

Het Groningse Griphingo Pharmaceuticals, een spin-off van de Rijksuniversiteit Groningen, heeft financiering verworven om toegepast vervolgonderzoek te kunnen doen naar de ontwikkeling van een innovatieve inhalatietherapie voor COPD-patiënten.

More attention for trauma among sexual minorities can prevent psychological illnesses later in life
Date:13 July 2021

Lesbian, homosexual and bisexual individuals are more likely to have had a traumatic childhood experience than heterosexual individuals, according to research conducted by the UG and Trimbos Institute. This partially explains why sexual minorities have a two to three times greater risk of developing a psychological illness.

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