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Statement over beleggingsbeleid GUF
Date:14 June 2024

De afgelopen maand hebben de Groningse pro-Palestina demonstranten ....

Nine grants for interdisciplinary PhD research at UG Schools
Date:13 June 2024

The Ubbo Emmius Fund (UEF) has made nine grants available for research projects at UG Schools as part of the M20 Scholarship Programme. With the grants, nine PhD students who want to further develop into interdisciplinary researchers will be appointed.

Winnaar VPRO Hackathon maakt dataverzameling inzichtelijk
Date:13 June 2024

Een app die op een begrijpelijke en grappige manier laat zien welke data grote sociale mediabedrijven van hun gebruikers verzamelen. Dit is in een notendop het idee van het team dat afgelopen vrijdag tekende voor de winst tijdens de VPRO Hackathon 'Trust me AI know'

Universiteit van het Noorden-team in de startblokken voor RDW Self Driving Challenge
Date:12 June 2024

Met je zelfrijdende auto oversteken in een drukke stad? Of met een zelfrijdende bus op het platteland je bestemming bereiken? We kunnen het ons nu nog niet voorstellen, maar toch gaat het in de toekomst gebeuren.

School transitions as a fresh start
Date:11 June 2024

Sofie Lorijn is studying peer relationships in the transition from primary to secondary school during her PhD. She talks about her findings.

Hydrogen seeps into nooks and crannies
Date:11 June 2024

Because hydrogen is a much smaller molecule than natural gas, it can easily leak. Even worse, despite its small size, hydrogen can affect larger materials and make them as brittle as glass.

Swarming around a skyscraper
Date:10 June 2024

Every two weeks, UG Makers puts the spotlight on a researcher who has created something tangible, ranging from homemade measuring equipment for academic research to small or larger products that can change our daily lives. That is how UG researchers contribute to the solutions for big scientific and societal challenges

Figures construction of new houses 2024 available in RUG Construction-monitor (‘Nieuwbouwmonitior’)
Date:10 June 2024

Recently, the most recent figures for 2024 were added to the Construction-monitor, meaning that more than 10 years of (regional) data on new construction is now available. What do these figures show? And what expectations does this offer for the future? The Geodienst did an analysis based on the RUG Nieuwbouwmonitor.

Milad Abbasiharofteh: ‘JTS Prize boosted my research’
Date:07 June 2024

The Jantina Tammes School of Digital Society, Technology & AI will celebrate its anniversary at the House of Connections on June 19. In addition to various speeches, the JTS Early Career Researcher Prizes will be awarded. Assistant Professor Milad Abbasiharofteh was one of the winners last year.

Why are Dutch people so tall?
Date:06 June 2024

Over the years, the Dutch have grown to be the tallest people on earth. How is it possible that we have had such a growth spurt? Gert Stulp, sociologist at the Faculty of Behavioral & Social Sciences, has teamed up with University of the Netherlands to make a video about this.

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