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The Earth's climate is changing at a unprecedented rate.

Learning from COVID-19 for our planet's health: How paradox theory can help

Datum:11 september 2023

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the interconnectedness of human and environmental health. The pandemic has shown that the planet’s health is essential to the health of humanity. It has also offered a glimpse of how paradoxical addressing complex...


Can you crisis-proof your partnerships? Lessons from the COVID-19 pandemic   

Datum:03 november 2021

In a post-pandemic world, having the right partnerships is going to be more crucial than ever. But how has the COVID-19 crisis affected those partnerships that were created pre-pandemic? One could think that it has increased conflicts between partners or...

What can we learn from the COVID-19 drug and vaccine development?

What can we learn from the COVID-19 drug and vaccine development?

Datum:19 februari 2021

COVID-19 has powerfully demonstrated the central role that new drug and vaccine development plays in combating a pandemic. The challenge is on the one hand to react quickly and on the other hand to develop a safe and effective treatment method. How have...