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does our decision-making differ in a foreign versus our native language?

Do we decide differently in a native versus in a foreign language?

Datum:28 april 2022

Many firms in the Netherlands use English as their business language. This implies that many managers make decisions in a foreign language. But did you ever consider that making decisions in a foreign language may influence your choices? And if so, how?

Stasi office

How authoritarian regimes hurt R&D-cooperation

Datum:23 februari 2022

How does the experience of living in an authoritarian regime affect the decision-making of an individual in their later life as a founder and leader of a firm in the context of a liberal market economy? Researchers from the Department of Innovation...

R&D offshoring, firm innovativeness, and the role of technological leadership

Blog: How does R&D offshoring affect firm innovativeness?

Datum:24 mei 2018
In a globalized world where talent and knowledge are no longer limited to just a few economies, firms are increasingly offshoring R&D activities to foreign locations. Often firms do so to source foreign knowledge and to increase their R&D efficiency. Practitioners and scientific researchers alike heavily debate the drivers of R&D offshoring, but how does R&D offshoring affect firm’s innovativeness?