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CEOs with narcissistic  tendencies work in some huge innovative companies.

Do narcissistic CEOs really foster radical innovation?

Datum:13 oktober 2022

Narcissistic individuals have always found their way into corporate leadership positions, such as chief executive officers (CEOs). We can find CEOs with narcissistic tendencies, such as grandiosity, supreme confidence, and strong will, in some of the most...

does our decision-making differ in a foreign versus our native language?

Do we decide differently in a native versus in a foreign language?

Datum:28 april 2022

Many firms in the Netherlands use English as their business language. This implies that many managers make decisions in a foreign language. But did you ever consider that making decisions in a foreign language may influence your choices? And if so, how?

Stasi office

How authoritarian regimes hurt R&D-cooperation

Datum:23 februari 2022

How does the experience of living in an authoritarian regime affect the decision-making of an individual in their later life as a founder and leader of a firm in the context of a liberal market economy? Researchers from the Department of Innovation...

R&D offshoring, firm innovativeness, and the role of technological leadership

Blog: How does R&D offshoring affect firm innovativeness?

Datum:24 mei 2018
In a globalized world where talent and knowledge are no longer limited to just a few economies, firms are increasingly offshoring R&D activities to foreign locations. Often firms do so to source foreign knowledge and to increase their R&D efficiency. Practitioners and scientific researchers alike heavily debate the drivers of R&D offshoring, but how does R&D offshoring affect firm’s innovativeness?