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Applied Mathematics

Applied Mathematics is oriented to technology and practical applications. Applied Mathematics teaches you to construct mathematical models to solve mathematical problems and to analyse the results.

Bachelor - full-time

Applied Physics

Physics is concerned with describing and predicting natural phenomena. Applied physics is concerned with applying physics in technical solutions. Design and construction are important aspects of this.

Bachelor - full-time


Je bent welkom bij de beste opleiding archeologie van Nederland! Ons veelzijdige programma (alle profielen geven toegang) maakt jou een top archeoloog!

Bachelor - voltijd

Art History

Are you fascinated by art, architecture and cultural landscapes, modern, and old? Are you curious about the meaning, history, and impact of art? Then Art History is your program.

Bachelor - full-time

Artificial Intelligence

How can you develop an autonomous car? How does a computer recognize speech or emotions? How can software and devices be aligned to the way humans think?

Bachelor - full-time

Arts, Culture and Media

How do processes of mediation influence artistic innovation? In what ways are the audio-visual arts, such as film, theatre and music, interrelated and which artistic values do they share?

Bachelor - full-time


How old is the Universe? How do galaxies develop? What is found between the stars? How are planetary systems formed? Are you fascinated by questions like these? Then Astronomy is right for you!

Bachelor - full-time


What are the effects of climate change on sea life? How does a disease like cancer arise? What happens in the brain when you are asleep?

Bachelor - full-time

Biomedical Engineering

Would you like to improve healthcare by developing and applying new technologies? To decrease the number of patients through preventive technology? Or to find safer solutions to treat patients?

Bachelor - full-time

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