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Kunsten, Cultuur en Media

How do processes of mediation influence artistic innovation? In what ways are the audio-visual arts, such as film, theatre and music, interrelated and which artistic values do they share?

What is the specific impact of audio-visual media upon individuals and culture? How do arts events contribute to our collective cultural memory, individual identity, and sense of place? And, through recent processes of globalisation, how does the transnational consolidation of the creative industries relate to the local organization, symbolic meaning, and marketing of music, film and theater and their collective interpretation?

These are some of the issues addressed by the Film, Music, Theatre/ Performing and Audio-visual Arts degree within the Arts, Culture, and Media Department for Dutch and international students who want to study the arts in an international and digitally mediated context. Because the international perspective, this innovative three-year English-language Bachelor's degree specifically highlights the prominent role of arts as interactive forms requiring multidisciplinary theoretical paradigms. To accomplish this, the programme offers both a specialization framework ( Analysis and Criticism  or  Policy and Marketing ) and in-depth study into three of the most dominant internationally mediated and interconnected artistic forms within sonic and visual cultures ( Music,  Film and Theatre). During the programme students acquire a fundamental understanding of the most relevant perspectives and methodologies for studying the arts as mediated processes including arts philosophy, arts cognition, media theory, arts aesthetics, and arts sociology. Because the programme develops a framework for thinking about the mediation of the arts in international contexts especially in a climate of increased competition and decreased funding, the themes of arts legitimization, globalisation, digitalisation, and intertextuality remain important issues from which to situate current patterns of evaluation, distribution, organization, and creativity.

During the programme, students enroll for two of these three arts disciplines for their major:

Arts Culture and Media Teaching and Research Faculty

Ben je geïnteresseerd in verschillende kunstvormen en hun functie in de samenleving? Wil je meer weten over hun inhoud, organisatie, invloed en marketing? Dan is deze opleiding iets voor jou.

De driejarige bacheloropleiding Kunsten, Cultuur en Media richt zich op de kunsten en hun maatschappelijke context. Naast de geschiedenis, theorie en analyse van de kunsten, volg je vakken over kunstsociologie en kunstbeleid.

De opleiding Kunsten, Cultuur en Media biedt drie kunstrichtingen aan:

Ook kun je nog de volgende kunstrichtingen kiezen:

  • literatuur (meer informatie bij de studieadviseur)
  • moderne kunst (bij Kunstgeschiedenis)

Naast een kunstrichting kies je in het tweede en derde jaar een van twee frameworks: Kunst, Beleid en Marketing of Kunst, Analyse en Kritiek. Bij de eerste ligt de nadruk op de organisatie van de kunstwereld, bij de tweede op de analyse van de kunsten zelf. In elk framework ben je bezig met vragen als: Wat is kunst? Hoe werd hier in het verleden over nagedacht? En wat betekent kunst voor mensen individueel en in de samenleving? Daarbij wordt ook aandacht geschonken aan de invloed van digitalisering.

Onze staf

Informatie voor docenten

Bent u docent en wilt u meer weten over de opleiding Kunsten, Cultuur en Media? Maak dan een afspraak met Ronald Hünneman <> voor een voorlichting op locatie.

If you are thinking about a career in the field of the arts, then this programme is for you. If you are curious about how arts institutions such as festival organizations, theaters or record companies run their programmes, then you will be well suited in our Arts Policy and Marketing track. If you enjoy examining how film techniques evoke emotions or recognizing the relevance of song forms or narrative structures then the Arts Analysis and Criticism Framework suits you.

Denk je over een beroep in kunstwereld, dan is dit de opleiding voor jou. Wil je een analytische en kritische kijk ontwikkelen op kunst in de maatschappij? Wil je de geschiedenis ervan leren kennen en grote verbanden leren zien? Ben je breed geïnteresseerd, theoretisch sterk en schrijfvaardig? Wil je veel over kunst en cultuur lezen en regelmatig in aanraking komen met allerlei kunstuitingen? Dan zul je je bij Kunsten, Cultuur en Media vast thuis voelen!

Meer over deze opleiding
  • Opleidingsvideo

    Tessa Mol, student Arts, Culture and Media

    – Opleidingsvideo
  • Opleidingsvideo

    Introduction to Film Studies

    – Opleidingsvideo
  • Testimonial van Student Neesha Kanagarajah

    Studying Arts, Culture and Media promotes independence

    I chose to study Arts, Culture and Media as I've always had a keen interest in art history and the creative machineries that make daily life so much more interesting. After trailing down various paths in life, studying other courses and working in a professional environment, I decided to follow my passion and it proved to be the most challenging of them all. The Arts aren't a rigid set of rules - unlike other studies which I have done- therefore learning it is completely at your own capacity to understand it. This promotes independence and thinking critically about what you are learning.

    – Student Neesha Kanagarajah
  • Testimonial van

    Unifocus 6: Film Studies

  • Testimonial van Carola van Dijk

    Alumnus Carola van Dijk

    Volunteer at the safety collection of the EYE Film Museum in Amsterdam

    Studying film in Groningen gives you so many opportunities to broaden and/or deepen your interest in the field. Attending the Summer Film School in Antwerp, volunteering at the university's film archive and enjoying the support of dedicated staff members really helped channel my career orientation.

    – Carola van Dijk
  • Testimonial van Mateo Palencia Morales

    Alumnus Mateo Palencia Morales

    ERASMUS exchange student from Complutense University Madrid

    I highly recommend the Film and Media Studies department at the University of Groningen. I was a visiting student here in 2014, and I had the chance to study film in all its variants, focusing on theory and history, analyzing movies, and making an audiovisual essay. I couldn't like it more! What impressed me in particular was the enthusiasm of the professors and their assistants in teaching as well as their domain of the subjects. They also created extracurricular activities and the classes were equally effective in both practice and theory. I felt really welcomed by the whole department and therefore I highly recommend you to study there. If film is the field you would like to make yours and you have the opportunity to do so, go ahead!

    – Mateo Palencia Morales
  • Testimonial van Omar Larabi

    Alumnus Omar Larabi

    Freelance writer for De Filmkrant and, editor for Stand van Stad (The film edition), contributor to Movie Insiders podcast, Cineragua Festival, Glasnost Radio

    For me, studying in the Film and Media Studies program was a way to use my already existing love for film, and mould that into a theoretical framework. I was challenged to dismantle movies, and put them together again. I still use these academic theories and techniques in my work as a film critic. You learn to watch film in another, elaborate way.

    – Omar Larabi
  • Testimonial van

    Placement at the Press and Publicity department of BNN, Hilversum

    My time at BNN taught me how to work hard and accurately in an informal atmosphere and how a public broadcasting company operates. I acquired new skills, such as writing press releases and dealing with audience reactions. I also discovered my strengths and weaknesses and decided which direction I want to take after I graduate.

    I would advise other students to do a placement because it gives you a unique opportunity to look behind the scenes of a potential working field. Apart from acquiring new skills, you also find out whether a particular sector lives up to your expectations. But the most important thing is that you can build up a network, which will stand you in good stead in the future.

    There’s always something going on at BNN: from an evening recruiting subscribers at the Kamasutra fair, to supervising the press backstage during the Golden Oldies concert in Koninklijk Theater Carré, to getting Rihanna to do a BNN promo on Facebook. I was particularly proud to see my own press releases in the newspapers, on and broadcast on NOS op 3 and the like. But I certainly won’t forget the ‘regular’ hours in the office either.

  • Testimonial van Joanna Zienkiewicz

    Whether you are interested in examining arts from a theoretical point of view or in the practical side of arts policy and marketing, this study can be something for you!

    Hello! My name is Joanna and I come from Poland. I’m currently living my dream of studying abroad and making friends coming from various cultures and backgrounds and I’m here to help you achieve your dream if it happens to be similar. I’m interested in theatre, creative writing, music, politics and much more, and I’m trying to make the most out of every day I spend in the wonderful city of Groningen!

    Why Arts, Culture & Media?

    I had a hard time choosing a discipline that interests me the most. At the beginning of high school, I still wanted to study physics! Gradually, I discovered my love for theatre and music and I decided that this is what I want to pursue the most. I always enjoyed writing and giving my opinions on art, which I engaged in at all opportunities. That’s why a study like Arts, Culture and Media – broad, contemporary and with the possibility to go more in-depth on chosen specializations (in my case: Analysis & Criticism, Theatre, and Music) seemed perfect for my interests. Whether you are interested in examining arts from a theoretical point of view or in the practical side of arts policy and marketing, this study can be something for you!

    Why Groningen?

    Arts, Culture & Media is not a popular study to find in Europe and for me, this was one of the determining factors that helped me decide on coming to the University of Groningen. However, before I made the final choice, I visited Groningen for two weeks during holidays and I was amazed by the vibrant and colourful town full of students and open people that I saw. Moreover, it was important for me to attend a high-quality university - but after checking the World Universities rankings I had no doubts that RUG is one of them!

    – Joanna Zienkiewicz
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