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Bachelor's degrees from the Faculty of Arts consist of two components: a Major and a Minor. You will receive your bachelor's degree after successfully completing both components. During your Major you follow courses of the curriculum of your degree programme. The Major covers the first two years of your bachelor programme (semester 1-4) and the last semester of your third year (semester 6). You will follow a Minor in the first semester of your third year (semester 5).

A Minor is a coherent set of courses that support you in your next career step: the choice of a specific Master’s degree programme or access to the labour market. A Minor comprises 30 ECTS.

Minor choices

Career Minor

The Career Minor is a Minor that prepares you for the labour market and aims to increase your employablity. It offers an integrated, intensive and full-time programme, partly plenary, partly in a chosen social theme linked to your interests, educational background or future career goals. You complete the Minor with an internship, developing an Entrepreneurship concept, or a specific team assignment from the government, a business or NGOs.

An information event on the Career Minor will be offered in October and April of your second year.

Teacher Training Minor

This Minor requires knowledge of Dutch, because you will be training in a Dutch educational context. If your Dutch is at NT2-II level (Staatsexamen), you can be admitted even if you are not Dutch.

Als je slaagt voor de educatieve minor verwerf je een beperkte tweedegraads lesbevoegdheid. Met die bevoegdheid mag je lesgeven in het VMBO-tl (voorheen het MAVO) en in de eerste drie klassen van het HAVO/VWO. De Minor is geen voorwaarde voor toelating tot de Educatieve Master.

Deze minor wordt verzorgd door de faculteit Gedrags- en Maatschappij Wetenschappen (GMW). Entreevoorwaarde is dat 80 ECTS (inclusief de propedeuse) van de major behaald moet zijn. De presentatie van de minorvoorlichting vindt in oktober plaats.

Faculty minor

In a way, a faculty minor resembles the university minor: you broaden your horizons by taking a look at a different field of science, albeit that these faculty minors are all taught at the Faculty of Arts. The faculty minor can serve to facilitate the transfer to another master of the Faculty of Arts (also as a pre-master after your bachelor). The Faculty of Arts broadens your view by introducing you to another field within the humanities.
An information event on the Faculty Minor will be offered in April of your second year.

Minor abroad

The Minor Abroad offers you the opportunity to study abroad for one semester. A semester abroad can be a valuable experience: you get acqainted with the culture of your host country as well as a different academic culture. You follow courses taught from a different perspective and it can be an advantage for the international labour market. For more information about a Minor Abroad in academic year 21/22 check the online video presentation. You can find it here.

University Minor

A University Minor introduces you to a different academic field and helps you gain an understanding of the knowledge, methodologies and applications used there. You gain a broader perspective and look beyond your own study programme to see how other fields think and work.
An information event on the University Minor will be offered in April of your second year.


It is possible to complement a part Minor with a placement. You can choose to do a study related placement of 15 ECTS and combine this with a package of 15 ECTS from a University or Faculty Minor.
An information event on the Placement will be offered in April of your second year.

Minor Information Event

There will be a Minor Information Event in the spring. All Minor-information is available to students on Student Portal.

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