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Bachelor's degrees from the Faculty of Arts consist of two components: a Major and a Minor. You will receive your bachelor's degree after successfully completing both components. During your Major you follow courses of the curriculum of your degree programme. The Major covers the first two years of your bachelor programme (semester 1-4) and the last semester of your third year (semester 6). You will follow a Minor in the first semester of your third year (semester 5).

A Minor is a coherent set of courses that support you in your next career step: the choice of a specific Master’s degree programme or access to the labour market. Besides that the Faculty minor gives you the opportunity to look beyond your field of study. A Minor comprises 30 ECTS. These are the options:

  • Minor Abroad: the unique opportunity to spend a semester outside of the Netherlands
  • Career Minor: a minor that prepares students for the labour market and aims to increase their employability
  • Faculty Minor: a minor that comprises a course unit introducing the theory and methodology of a new discipline and more in-depth course units at the Faculty of Arts
  • University Minor: a minor consisting of multidisciplinary courses outside your degree programme, either taught at the Faculty of Arts and/or another faculty
  • Teacher-training Minor: a preparatory minor for students interested in being a teacher (only available for a limited number of degree programmes)

The minor often offers an opportunity to get started with the knowledge you gained during the major. The teacher-training minor contains an obligatory placement at a regional high school. The second part of the Career Minor consists of a work placement or another practical assignment. There is also an option to combine a programme specific work placement with part of a faculty or university minor.

You will be prepared for the choice of a minor during your studies. If you want to know more at this time? Please contact a study advisor.

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