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Bachelor's degrees from the Faculty of Arts consist of two components: a Major and a Minor. During your Major you follow courses of the curriculum of your degree programme. A Minor is a coherent set of courses that support you in your next career step: the choice of a specific Master’s degree programme or access to the labour market. A Minor comprises 30 ECTS. You will follow a Minor in the first semester of your third year (semester 5).

A complete overview of the Minor-information is available to UG students on Student Portal (login required).

Minor choices

Career Minor

For whom?

The Career Minor is open to students of all faculties of the RUG.


The Career Minor is a minor that prepares you for the labor market and aims to increase your employability. It offers an integrated, multidisciplinary and interactive programme with training sessions workshops, guest speakers, excursions and assignments that prepare you for working in practice.

In addition, you choose a social theme that matches your interests, study background or future wishes. You can also choose a theme because it provides you with a "perspective" outside the "comfort zone" of your own study background. You conclude the minor with an internship, the development of an entrepreneurial concept or a concrete assignment from the government, the business community or NGOs on which you work in an interdisciplinary team.


The minor starts with a competency assessment, a personality test, and an individual interview with a “trainer” to strengthen the students comprehension and determine their learning objectives. Students will learn how to apply their knowledge in practical settings, will further develop their talents and will acquire relevant knowledge and skills.

This challenging programme includes meeting experts from the field, completing practical assignments and going on trips, as well as learning how to apply for a job, how to network, negotiate, make project plans, engage in entrepreneurial thinking, compose policy advice, work in teams and much more.

Teacher-training Minor

For whom?

The Teacher-Training Minor is open to students of all faculties of the RUG.


Do you want to be a teacher and do you want to be optimally prepared for the teachers training master? The Teacher-training Minor (30 ECTS) is a preparatory minor for students interested in being a teacher.

This Minor requires knowledge of Dutch, because you will be training in a Dutch educational context. If your Dutch is at NT2-II level (Staatsexamen), you can be admitted even if you are not Dutch. You can contact Annemarie Arends of Student Affairs if you are interested to choose this minor: (+31) 50 363 2000.

The Teacher-training Minor is for students from the following Arts degree programmes:

  • History
  • Information Science
  • English Language and Culture
  • Classics
  • Minorities & Multilingualism (Frisian track)
  • Dutch Language and Culture
  • European Languages and Cultures (with a major in French, German, Spanish, combined with the Language & Society profile and/or the Literature & Culture profile)

To participate in this minor, 80 ECTS (including the propaedeutic phase) of the major must be obtained. This minor is only offered in Dutch and provided by the Faculty of Behavioral and Social Sciences (BMS).


If you pass the Teacher-training Minor, you will acquire a limited second-degree teaching certificate. With this authorization you can teach in the VMBO-tl (formerly the MAVO) and in the first three classes of the HAVO/VWO. The Minor is not a condition for admission to the Educational Master.

Faculty Minor


In a way, a faculty minor resembles the university minor: you broaden your horizons by taking a look at a different field of science, albeit that these faculty minors are all taught at the Faculty of Arts. The faculty minor can serve to facilitate the transfer to another master of the Faculty of Arts (also as a pre-master after your bachelor). The Faculty of Arts broadens your view by introducing you to another field within the humanities.

For whom?

Some Faculty Minors are only open to students of the Faculty of Arts, but the majority is (unless indicated otherwise and in case of sufficient capacity) open to students from other faculties of the UG and even other universities in the Netherlands. Below you can find a list of these Faculty Minors.

Faculty of Arts students can find a complete overview of all Faculty Minors on Student Portal (login required).

  • American Studies
  • Arts, Cognition & Criticism
  • Arts, Policy and Cultural Entrepreneurship
  • Classics and Ancient Civilizations
  • Communication and Information Studies
  • Digital Humanities (Note: only accessible for students of the Faculty of Philosophy and the Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies)
  • Film and Contemporary Audiovisual Media
  • Frisian Language and Culture
  • History of Art, Architecture & Landscape
  • History in a Global Perspective (Note: only accessible for students from other Humanities/Arts faculties in the Netherlands)
  • International Relations
  • Journalism
  • Linguistics (Note: only accessible for students from other Humanities/Arts faculties in the Netherlands)
  • Media Studies
  • Middle Eastern Studies (Dutch)
  • Music, Theatre and Performance Studies

Note: The above-mentioned minors can serve as a pre-master programme for the Master’s programme in the relevant study programme, but admission is not guaranteed. In many cases your admission needs to be approved by the admissions board. For more information about the minor and/or access to the Master’s programme, please contact the study adviser of the study programme in question.

Minor Abroad

For whom?

The Minor Abroad is open to students of the Faculty of Arts. Please note: a study abroad programme is embedded in the second year of the Middle Eastern Studies programme, so going abroad during the minor is not an option for these students.


The Minor Abroad offers you the opportunity to study abroad for one semester. The Faculty of Arts has numerous contracts with universities within and outside the EU, where you can improve your knowledge of your field.


A semester abroad can be a valuable experience: you get acqainted with the culture of your host country as well as a different academic culture. You follow courses taught from a different perspective and it can be an advantage for the international labour market.

Note: the application for an exchange in September 2022 is already closed!

University Minor

For whom?

The University Minor is open to students of all faculties of the RUG.


The Faculty of Arts offers the following University Minors:


A University Minor introduces you to a different academic field and helps you gain an understanding of the knowledge, methodologies and applications used there. You gain a broader perspective and look beyond your own study programme to see how other fields think and work.



It is possible to complement your Career Minor with a placement or you can choose to do a study related placement of 15 ECTS and combine this with a package of 15 ECTS from a University or Faculty Minor. You will need to find a placement yourself.

For whom?

The Career Minor placement is open to students of all faculties of the RUG. The Minor Placement is open for students of the Faculty of Arts and for the following study programmes:

  • American Studies
  • Archaeology
  • Art History
  • Arts, Culture and Media
  • Classical Studies
  • Communication and Information Studies
  • English Language and Culture
  • European Languages and Cultures
  • History
  • International Relations and International Organizations
  • Linguistics
  • Media Studies
  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • Minorities & Multilingualism
  • Dutch Language & Culture


With a placement you gain work experience, learn how to familiarize yourself with an organization and its present culture and you discover how your skills fit in.

Minor Information 2022

We finally organized an on-site Minor Event again on 17 May. We hope you received sufficient information to make a well-considered minor choice! In case you did not manage to participate in all the sessions you had planned or you need more information before making a choice: in Student Portal (login required) you can find almost all presentations of the Faculty Minors (including the Minor Placement and Career Minor).


If you have any questions about the content of a minor, please visit the webpage of the respective minor (login required). There, you will find the email address of the minor coordinator. If you have administrative questions, please contact the Office for Student Affairs.

Enrolment Minors

Please note: You need to enrol for the Minor package AND the individual courses belonging to that Minor. This is obligatory!
For the Faculty of Arts, enrolment for courses starts from 20 June to 8 July 2022. Other faculties may have a different course registration period.

To enrol for a Minor (even when you need to do part of a Minor), please go to Progress > “enrolling” > “Minors” > “Arts” > and choose the Minor you would like to do. The capacity for minors can be limited.

Minor Application Deadline
University Minor   Open 8 July, 23.59
Faculty Minor Open 8 July, 23.59
Career Minor     Open 8 July, 23.59
Teacher-training Minor Open 1 June
Placement* Open 8 July, 23.59
Minor Abroad Closed n.a.

*Please note: you need to enrol for a Faculty Minor or University Minor as well to complete the additional 15 ECTS of your minor if you choose this option.

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