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University and Personal Minor Programmes

What is a Minor?

A Minor is a coherent set of course units with a student workload of 15 ECTS, which is designed to be completed in one semester block (1a or 1b).

When do you follow a Minor?

In principle, you follow a Minor in the first semester of your third year. This is the period when all University Minors are offered. All UG faculties plan their Minor programmes in the first semester, making it easy to follow a University Minor at a different faculty.

University Minors

University Minors introduce students to a different academic field and help them gain an understanding of the knowledge, methodologies and applications used there. You gain a broader perspective and look beyond your own study programme to see how other fields think and work. If you are interested in these Minors, take a look at the University Minors that the different faculties offer. Students must have gained their propaedeutic certificate to qualify for a University Minor. If two Minors (block 1a and 1b) are closely related, you may have to have followed the first one (block 1a) before being allowed to take the second (block 1b).

Personal Minors

A Personal Minor is a set of course units that you have compiled yourself and that either broadens or deepens your knowledge. Personal Minors can comprise course units from the range of University Minors, a Faculty Minor or course units from regular degree programmes other than your own. Also some faculties offer an Educational Minor. All Personal Minors must be approved in advance by your Board of Examiners. Don’t forget to read the information provided by your degree programme in good time, or consult your study advisor!

Other options

You can also choose to do an internship or follow a semester (abroad) at a different University. Please consult the information about your own bachelor degree programme to find out which options you have or ask your study advisor for personal advice.

  • Are you following a Bachelor’s degree with the aim of becoming a teacher, and do you want to know if teaching is right for you? The following faculties offer an Educational Minor : Arts, FSE, GMW, FRW.
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