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University Minors

With a university-wide minor, you study with students from the entire university. You will familiarize with a new scientific area and get insights from the knowledge, methods, and applications of that field. You cross the boundaries of your own study and learn how other scientific disciplines think and work.

Offer university-wide minor packages

Below you can find which university minors the RUG offers in 2022-2023. The language of most minor packages is English.

At the end of April, this website provides you with the complete overview of university minor packages for the following academic year. 

The minor packages comprise 15 or 30 EC. You are permitted to fill a 30 EC minor space with two 15 EC minor packages.

Faculty of Economics and Business

Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences

Faculty of Theology and Religious Studies

Faculty of Arts

Faculty of Medical Sciences

Faculty of Law

Faculty of Spatial Sciences

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Faculty of Philosophy

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