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Contact information

In case you have any specific questions about the content of a particular minor package, you can contact the coordinating teacher. These names are listed in the minor package in the overview below.

If you have any questions about enrollments, tuition or other student matters, please contact Student Information & Administration (SIA).

If you have general questions that this website does not provide an answer to (see also frequently asked questions), please send an email to minor For questions about Personal minors, Faculty minors, going abroad or an internship, please contact your study advisor and / or Board of Examination.

Contact Minor coordinators:

Faculty of Arts

Coordinator faculty minor: Hendrik Visser, MA

Minor Gender and Diversity in Science, Society and Culture: Jeanette den Toonder

Faculty of Law

Coordinator faculty minor: mw. R.J. Post

Faculty of Philosophy

Coordinator faculty minor: Drs. F. Hemelaar

Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences

Coordinator faculty minor: Dr. H. Steenbergen

Minor Challenging Youth (1a, 1b): Dr. A.M. Sluiter-Oerlemans

  • Minor Data Wise (1a, 1b): D. Rodighiero

Faculty of Medical Sciences

Faculty of Spatial Sciences

Coordinator faculty minor: Dr. A. van den Assem

Faculty of Economics and Business

Coordinator faculty minor: Dr. P.P.M. Smid

Faculty of Religion, Culture and Society

Coordinator faculty minor: Brenda Matthijssen

Minor Antropology. What it means to be human: Dr. P. Berger and Sean Desjardins

Faculty of Science and Engineering

Coordinator faculty minor: E.C. Fraiquin

  • Minor Einstein's Physics: Space Time and Parallel Worlds (1a): Prof. Dr. D. Roest
  • Minor Future Planet Innovation: Dr. M. van Rijssel
  • Minor Neuroscience (1a, 1b): Prof. Dr. A.J.W. Scheurink
  • Minor Astronomy through Space and Time (1b): Prof. Dr. M.A.M. van de Weijgaert

Campus Fryslan

  • Global Studies and colonial critiques: S. Yousefzadeh
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