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Minor Programmes

Structure of the Bachelor

Most Bachelor degree programmes at the University of Groningen include a Minor programme. In many (but not all) cases, this minor programme may be filled with a University Minor of 15 ECTS or 30 (2x15) ECTS. These University Minors are scheduled in the first semester of the academic year. They are a great opportunity to become acquainted with a different academic discipline, at another faculty.

For whom?

Almost all faculties work with the Major/Minor system, however certain studies have a so called 'civil effect', like Law and Medical Science, and do not have a Minor programme. At the Faculty of Law you have to follow a so called 'free bachelor' to be able to follow a Minor programme. Please consult the information about your own bachelor degree programme to find out which options you have.

Minor Programme in the Bachelor

If you have the space in your Bachelor to follow a minor, you can choose:

1. a University Minor
2. a Personal Minor
3. a study period abroad
4. an internship or placement

Overview of the Minor programmes

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