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Registration Procedure

Registration procedure University minor (deadline August 1)

Once you have made a choice about your minor space, you need register for the University Minor Package via Progress. The registration procedure for 2021-2022 will be announced before April 1.

The minor space usually consists of 30 EC, and most faculties offer minor packages of 30 EC or 2 parts of 15 EC. If you want to participate in two parts of 15 EC, you need to register for both of these minor packages separately.

Registration procedure courses within University minors

Most University Minors have a fixed program, but some University Minors offer different options within the program. In that case, you also need to register for the individual courses. Whether this is the case for the minor package that you would like to register for and which deadlines apply can be found in the description of the specific minor.

Enrollment procedure for Teacher Training Minors (deadline June 1)

The Teacher Training minors have their own registration procedure. Registration for the Teacher Training minors is possible until June 1. More information can be found on the Teacher Training minor website.

Registration procedure Faculty minors, studying abroad or an internship (deadline differs between faculties)

Each faculty has its own registration procedure. Make sure to look at the information of your own study program or to contact your study advisor. You often need to submit your package to the Board of Examination for approval.

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