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Arts, Culture and Media

Three Core Disciplines

The Department of Arts, Culture and Media boasts a high profile and innovative approach to both education and research in general arts subjects as well as its core disciplines of film, music and theatre. Scholars from these three disciplines are established in their own fields while also involved interdepartmentally in co-teaching across the disciplines.

The film section offers a wide variety of perspectives on film, cinema and television. Our staff exhibit expertize in a range of teaching and research topics from documentary film making to the phenomenological experience of film spectating, from cognitive and complex undertakings within film creation and to the broader themes within film genres and histories such as the grotesque and use of new technologies within innovative film and television practices. Students practice film analysis, study the art of storytelling, film theory, and cinema history and look into the far-ranging effects of movies. They learn about the emotional experiences of film, about how we understand moving-image narratives and why film and television matter. They are also trained in hands-on videographic criticism and encouraged to shoot films. The film track is known for its supervision of students, and it offers a solid network for international exchanges and traineeships.

The music section is dedicated to examining music and sound within a broader cultural context with a special attention to processes of mediation in the contemporary music world. Studying their production, aesthetics, socio-cultural dynamics, and attendant meanings offers a deeper understanding of the influential roles they perform in contemporary society. Music staff share an affinity for the intermediated nature of musical practices and therefore highlight the intersections between music and other arts such as film and theatre. Other themes incorporated into both research and teaching are music and politics, music and technology, music and critical race and gender theory, and music and performance practice with a philosophical and theoretical approach towards musical cultures, both past and present.

The theatre section is committed to examining theatre and the performing arts as modern and changing art forms connected to both established institutions and theatre makers as well as vanguard and challenging theatre practices and styles. Theatre staff share an affinity for the relation between theatre and other arts such as dramaturgy and avant garde art. They also share an interest in a range of practices from historical periods to contemporary theatre experiences. Staff are committed to high quality teaching and innovative research in the fields of intercultural theatre practices, theatre and its relation to cultural identities and the changing field of theatre experiences including new modes of intermediated or digitally enhanced forms of spectatorship. Students learn about new theatre practices as well as new forms of reception and spectatorship which consider prevalent ideologies and arts aesthetics relevant for our modern and highly transforming world.

Connection Between Theory and Practice

The diversity of our faculty brings research projects in line with contemporary arts worlds. Our Research Centre "Arts in Society" is the umbrella forum for sharing new research as well as inspiring collaborations amongst disciplines. Many scholars work closely with current arts institutions and collectives to make links between theory and practice.

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