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The organization of the Faculty takes place through various layers and pillars of management:

Faculty Board

The Faculty of Arts is guided by the Faculty Board, comprising three people: the Dean, the Vice Dean and the Managing Director. The Faculty Board is also joined by a student advisor (student assessor), who is appointed annually.


  • Prof. A. Visser (Dean, Faculty Board Member for Research and Library Matters) 
  • Dr J.P. Keizer (Vice Dean, Faculty Board Member for Education, PR & Information and Internationalization)
  • W. Heinen (Managing Director, Faculty Board member for Privacy and Computing)

Plus an added member:

  • F.H. Overmaat (student advisor)

Secretary: N.A. Zadorina, MA

The Faculty Board consults various advisory bodies. The Faculty Board is responsible for the integral accountability for the steering and managing of the Faculty and for supervising the quality of (the implementation of) teaching and research. The Faculty Board establishes the budgets for the Faculty and distributes the available workforce accordingly.

The Faculty Board can be contacted by email at and at the postal address below:

Faculty of Arts
Attn. Faculty Board
P.O. Box 716
9700 AS Groningen

To make an appointment with (a member of) the Faculty Board, you can send an email to


The Faculty of Arts offers a large range of Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programmes. The organization of teaching is divided into five degree programme clusters. The research-driven nature of our teaching is not only evident through the content of our degree programmes but also in the various chair groups.


The Faculty of Arts has a number of research institutes:

Every institute comprises multiple smaller research groups. The Faculty also has various Centres of Expertise, within which specific (interdisciplinary) research is accommodated. Our researchers are supported by the research support team.

The Graduate School for the Humanities (GSH) houses all of the activities relating to PhD research, including the guiding and training of PhD students.

Support services

In carrying out their tasks, the Faculty Board, lecturers and researchers are supported by a number of Faculty service units, including the Institute of Education (incl. secretariats), the Communication & Marketing department, the Faculty Office, the Financial Control department and the HR department.

The Faculty of Arts also houses the Language Centre of the University of Groningen and the Institut Francais.

Faculty Council

Consultative participation within the Faculty is carried out through the Faculty Council. This comprises 18 members (including 9 staff representatives and 9 student representatives). The executive committee (Presidium) of the Faculty Council consists of the chair (one of the staff representatives) and the vice chair (one of the student representatives).

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