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Professors Faculty of Arts


Aasman, prof. dr. S.I.(Aletta Jacobs Chair) Digital Humanities
Attema, prof. dr. P.A.J.Classical and Mediterranean Archaeology
Bastmeijer, prof. dr. mr. C.J.Arctic and Antarctic Studiën
Bos, prof. dr. J.Computational Semantics
Bras, prof. dr. H.A.J.(Aletta Jacobs chair) of Economic and Social History, with special attention to Global Demography and Health
Broersma, prof. dr. M.J.Media and Journalism Studies
Brouwers, prof. drs. B.J.Journalism, especially news gathering, selection and presentation
Budelmann, F.J., ProfClassics
Corbellini, S., ProfHistory of Reading in Premodern Europe
Esser, R.M., ProfEarly Modern History
Franklin, prof. dr. M.I.Media, Cultural Industries and Society
Fuller, J.M., ProfEuropean languages and cultures: language society
Hamati-Ataya, I., ProfGlobal International Relations
Harst, prof. dr. J. van derHistory and Theory of European Integration
Hendriks, prof. dr. P.Semantics and Cognition
Heusden, prof. dr. B.P. vanCulture and Cognition, in particular with regards to the Arts
Hoeks, prof. dr. J.C.J.Communicatie- en informatiewetenschappen, met speciale
Hoen, prof. dr. H.W.International Political Economy
Jonkers, prof. dr. R.Neurolinguistics
Keijzer, prof. dr. M.C.J.English Linguistics English as a Second Language
Knoeff, prof. dr. H.G.(Aletta Jacobs Chair) Health and Humanities
Lehmann, A.S., ProfArt History and Material Culture
Lobo-Guerrero, L.E., ProfHistory and Theory of International Relations
Lowie, prof. dr. W.M.Applied Linguistics
Michel, prof. dr. M.C.Language Learning
Moore, O.J., ProfChinese Language and Culture
Nijf, prof. dr. O.M. vanAncient History
Nissim, M., ProfComputational Linguistics and Society
Noord, prof. dr. G.J.M. vanLanguage Technology
Raemaekers, prof. dr. D.C.M.Archeology of Northwest Europe
Ramakers, prof. dr. B.A.M.Historical Dutch Literature
Renders, prof. dr. J.W.History and Theory of the Biography
Sanchez-Summerer, K.M.J., ProfMiddle Eastern Studies
Sanders, prof. dr. M.P.J.Modern Dutch Literature
Santing, prof. dr. C.G.Medieval History
Spek, prof. dr. ir. M.History of Landscaping
Stek, prof. dr. T.D.Western Mediterranean Archaeology
Valdivia Martin, P., ProfEuropean Literature and Culture
Visser, prof. dr. A.
Voutsaki, prof. dr. S.Greek Archaeology
Wagenaar, prof. dr. C.History of Architecture and Urbanism
Wakker, prof. dr. G.C.Greek Language and Literature
Wilde, prof. dr. J.H. deInternational Relations and World Politics
Wolffram, prof. dr. D.J.History of Governance and Politics in Modern Times
Zwart, prof. dr. C.J.W.Theoretical Linguistics

Adjunct Professors / Tenure Track Professors

Hanich, J., ProfFilm Studies
Huiskes, prof. dr. M.Language and Social Interaction
Jong, prof. dr. L. deEast-Mediterranean and West-Asian Archaeology
Six, C., ProfContemporary History
Strandvad, S.M., DrArts in Society

Professors by special appointment

Blühm, prof. dr. A.R.W.Art history, museology and society, endowed by SGM
Cate, prof. dr. A. tenMilitary History, i.p. the period after the fall of the Berlin Wall, endowed by KNV OL
Eickhoff, prof. dr. M.Archeology and Heritage of War and Mass Violence, endowed by KNAW
Haan, prof. dr. Y. deLocal Public Broadcasting), endowed by Stichting Nederlandse Lokale Publieke Omroepen
Halbertsma, prof. dr. mr. T.H.F.East Asia Studies, with focus on modern day Mongolia, endowed by Ubbo Emmius Fonds
Huisman, prof. dr. ir. D.J.Geoarcheologie en Archeometrie, endowed by Stichting Groningen Universiteitsfonds
Jong, prof. dr. J. deEurope-East Asia Relations with a focus on Japan, endowed by Stichting Groningen Universiteitsfonds
Koningsbrugge, prof. dr. J.S.A.M. vanHistory and Politics of Russia, esp. Dutch-Russian Relations, endowed by N.V. Nederlandse Gasunie
Meder, prof. dr. T.Volksverhaal, endowed by KNAW
Molema, prof. dr. A.M.Regional Vitality and Dynamics, endowed by Fries Sociaal Planbureau
Rijser, prof. dr. D.Receptions of Classical Antiquity, endowed by NKV
Wagenaar, prof. dr. R.History and politics of higher education, endowed by Stichting Groningen Universiteitsfonds

Associate Professors with ius promovendi

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