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Professors Faculty of Behavioural and Social Sciences


Aarts, prof. dr. C.W.A.M.Political institutions and behavior
Bosker, prof. dr. R.J.Educational Science
Brookhuis, prof. dr. K.A. (honorary)Traffic Psychology
Dekker, prof. dr. J.J.H. (honorary)Foundations of Education
Dijkstra, prof. dr. A.Social Psychology of Health and Illness
Flache, prof. dr. A.Sociology, in particular Modelling of Norms and Networks
Gauthier, prof. dr. A.M.H. (honorary)Comparative Family Studies
Gordijn, prof. dr. E.H.Social Cognitions and Emotions
Hofman, prof. dr. W.H.A.Quality Determinants in Higher Education and International Projects
Janssen, prof. dr. H.J.M.Orthopedagogy, in particular Congenital and Early Acquired Deafblindness
Jong, prof. dr. P.J. deExperimental Psychopathology
Jong, prof. dr. R. deExperimental Psychology, including Physiological Psychology
Jonge, prof. dr. P. deDevelopmental Psychology
Kalmijn, prof. dr. M. (honorary)Family and Life Course Demography
Kiers, prof. dr. H.A.L.Methods and Techniques of Data Processing
Lorist, prof. dr. M.M.Cognitive Neuroscience, i.p. Dynamics of the Healthy Brain
Lubbers, prof. dr. M. (honorary)Sociology of Inclusion of Immigrants
Meijer, prof. dr. R.R.Psychometric and Statistical Techniques
Mills, prof. dr. M.C. (honorary)Sociology of the Life Course
Minnaert, prof. dr. A.E.M.G.Orthopedagogy and Clinical Didactics, in particular Learning Problems and Diffic ulties in Acquiring School Skills
Mülberger Rogele, prof. dr. A.C.Theory and History of Psychology
Otten, prof. dr. S.Intergroup Relations and Social Integration
Postmes, prof. dr. T.T.Social Psychology
Ruijssenaars, prof. dr. A.J.J.M. (honorary)Orthopedagogy
Scherder, prof. dr. E.J.A. (honorary)Movement, Health and Aging
Spears, prof. dr. R.Social Psychology, in particular Social Identity
Steg, prof. dr. E.M.Environmental Psychology
Strijbos, prof. dr. J.W.Learning and Instruction.
Timmerman, prof. dr. M.C.Youth as a Social Phenomenon
Timmerman, prof. dr. M.E.Multivariate Data Analysis
Veen, prof. dr. K. vanEducation, in particular the Development of Professional Skills for Teachers.
Veenstra, prof. dr. D.R.Sociology, in particular Social Development
Werf, prof. dr. M.P.C. van der (honorary)Teaching and Learning
Westberg, prof. dr. B.A.J., PhDTheory and History of Education
Wisse, prof. dr. B.M.Organizational Behavior and Leadership processes
Wittek, prof. dr. R.P.M.Theoretical Sociology
Yperen, prof. dr. N. vanSport and PerformancePsychology

Adjunct Professors / Tenure Track Professors

Albers, prof. dr. C.J.Applied statistics and data visualisation
Bouman, prof. dr. T.K.Dissemination and Practice of Clinical Psychology in Healthcare
Daniels, prof. dr. J.K.Clinical psychology, in particular clinical neuroscience of dissociative and trauma-related disorders
Korpershoek, prof. dr. H.Onderwijswetenschappen, Onderwijswetenschappen, i.h.b. onderwijsinnovatie en onderwijsverbetering
Nauta, prof. dr. M.H.Clinical psychology, in particular with regard to children and young people
Pijnenborg, prof. dr. G.H.M.Clinical Psychology, in particular of Psychotic Disorders
Putten, prof. dr. A.A.J. van derOrthopedagogy, special needs education focusing i.p. on people with profound multiple disabilities
Rijn, prof. dr. D.H. vanCognitive Science and Neuroscience
Scheibe, prof. dr. S.Lifespan Development and Organizational Behavior
Spikman, prof. dr. J.M.Medische neuropsychologie,
Steverink, prof. dr. B.J.M.Sociology of Health and Wellbeing
Waard, prof. dr. D. deTraffic Psychology and Retention of Mobility
Zomeren, prof. dr. M. vanPolitieke en Culturele psychologie van sociale relaties

Professors by special appointment

Adang, prof. dr. O.M.J.Security and, endowed by POLITIE
Bruggeman, R.Neuropsychiatrie van psychotische stoornissen
Castelein, dr. S.Herstelbevordering bij ernstige psychische aandoeningen, endowed by LENTIS
Hoofdakker, prof. dr. B.J. van denBehandeling van gedragsproblemen bij kinderen
Kalverboer, prof. dr. mr. M.E.Children, Pedagogics and Refugee and Asylum Law, endowed by Stichting Groningen Universiteitsfonds
Keijser, prof. dr. A. dePraktijkbeoefening van klinische psychologie en psychotherapie bij complexe rouw, endowed by Stichting Stimuleringsfonds Rouw
Lancel, M.Sleep and psychopathology, endowed by GGZDR
Smit, prof. dr. M.Psychosocial Care for unaccompanied minor Refugees
Yperen, prof. dr. T.A. vanMonitoring and Innovation Child and Youth Care

Associate Professors with ius promovendi

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