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How to find us prof. dr. D.H. (Hedderik) van Rijn

prof. dr. D.H. (Hedderik) van Rijn

Professor, Chair of Experimental Psychology


Cognitive Science & Neuroscience

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Topics: Temporal Cognition; Cognitive Science; Interval Timing; Optimalization of Learning; Adaptive Learning. 

Methods: comptuational modeling; mathematical modeling; experimentation; EEG; fMRI; MEG; eyetracking; pupil dilation

Other positions

CEO SlimStampen B.V.
Editor-in-chief of Timing & Time Perception
Member of the Steering Committee of the International Conference on Cognitive Modeling
Chair Admission Committee Behavioral and Cognitive Neurosciences Research Master
Chair "Toetscommissie Psychologie"
Chair "Bindend Studieadvies GMW"
Member of CvB-advisory AI-steering Committee
Member of various scientific committees of conferences, prizes, etc.
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Experimental Psychology