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Professors Faculty of Science and Engineering


Avgeriou, ir. P., Prof DrSoftware Engineering
Avraamidou, L., Prof DrScience Education
Banerjee, T., Prof DrSpintronics of Functional Materials
Bauso, D., Prof DrOperational research for engineering systems
Bergshoeff, prof. dr. E.A. (honorary)Willem de Sitter Chair in Theoretical Physics
Beukeboom, prof. dr. L.W.Evolutionary Genetics
Bintanja, prof. dr. R.Climate and Environmental Change
Blok, prof. dr. W.J.G. de (honorary)Structure and Evolution of Nearby Galaxies
Boer, prof. dr. D.Theoretical Subatomic Physics
Bogaart, prof. dr. G. van denMolecular Immunology
Bohte, prof. dr. S.M. (honorary)Biologically inspired neural computation
Both, prof. dr. ir. C.Animal Ecology
Brabec, prof. dr. C.J. (honorary)High-throughput engineering of adaptive semiconducting material composites
Browne, W.R., Prof DrFunctional Molecular Materials and Catalytic Systems
Camlibel, M.K., Prof DrApplied mathematics, systems and control theory
Cao, ir. M., Prof DrNetworks and Robotics
Caputi, K.I., Prof DrObservational Cosmology and High-Redshift Galaxies
Chicca, E., Prof DrNeuromorphic Circuit-Design
Cremers, prof. dr. T.I.F.H. (honorary)Innovative Analysis of Biosystems
De Persis, C., Prof DrSmart Manufacturing Systems
Dijk, prof. dr. G. vanIntegrative Neurobiology of the Energy Balance
Driessen, prof. dr. A.J.M.Molecular Microbiology
Drinkenburg, prof. dr. W.H.I.M. (honorary)Translational Neuroscience for Psychopathology
Duchateau, prof. dr. R. (honorary)Functional Polymers
Duin, dr. ir. M. van (honorary)Rubber Products
Ehrler, prof. dr. B. (honorary)New hybrid material systems for solar-cell applications
Eisel, U.L.M., Prof DrMolecular Neurobiology and Neuroimmunology
Eriksson, B.D.H.K., Prof DrMarine Ecology
Etienne, prof. dr. R.S.Theoretical and Evolutionary Ecology of Communities
Euverink, prof. dr. G.J.W.Products and Processes for Biotechnology in the Biobased Economy
Falcao Salles, J., Prof DrMicrobial Community Ecology
Faraji, S.S., Prof DrTheoretical and computational Chemistry
Feringa, prof. dr. B.L.Jacobus H. van 't Hoff Chair in Molecular Sciences
Fraaije, prof. dr. ir. M.W.Molecular Enzymology
Fraternali, F., Prof DrGasstromingsleer en de vorming en ontwikkeling van melkwegstelsels
Frenken, prof. dr. J.W.M.Dynamics of surfaces, interfaces and nanolayers
Frijlink, prof. dr. H.W.Pharmaceutical Technology and Biopharmacy
Gaydadjiev, prof. dr. ir. G.Innovative Computer Architecture
GhandchiTehrani, M., Prof DrDynamics and Vibration
Giessen, prof. dr. ir. E. van derApplied Physics, in particular Micromechanics
Gils, prof. dr. J.A. van (honorary)Global Change Ecology of Migrant Shorebirds
Gosens, prof. dr. R.Translational Phamacology
Hak, prof. dr. E.Clinical Pharmacoepidemiology
Harutyunyan, S., Prof DrHomogeneous Catalysis
Heeres, prof. dr. ir. H.J.Chemical Reaction Technology
Heide, prof. dr. ir. T. van derCoastal Ecology
Heinemann, M., Prof DrMolecular Systems Biology
Helmi, prof. dr. A.Dynamics, Structure and Evolution of the Milky Way
Herrmann, prof. dr. A. (honorary)Polymer Chemistry and Bioengineering
Hoekstra, prof. dr. ir. R.A.Experimental Atomic Physics
Horvatovich, P.L., Prof DrComputational Mass Spectrometry
Hubacek, K.S., Prof DrScience, Technology and Society
Hut, prof. dr. R.A.Chronobiology
Jaeger, H., Prof DrContinuous Machine Learning
Jayawardhana, ir. B., Prof DrMechatronics and control of nonlinear systems
Kalantar-Nayestanaki, prof. dr. N.Experimental Nuclear Physics
Kamp, I.E.E., Prof DrFormation of Stars and Planets and Astrochemistry
Kamperman, prof. dr. M.M.G.Polymer Science
Karastoyanova, D., Prof DrInformation Systems
Kas, prof. dr. M.J.H.Behavioural Neurosciences
Katsonis, N.H., Prof DrBio-inspired and Smart Materials
Klei, prof. dr. I.J. van derMolecular Cell Biology
Knoester, prof. dr. J. (honorary)Theory of Condensed Matter
Komdeur, prof. dr. ir. J.Avian Evolutionary Ecology
Koning, prof. dr. C.E. (honorary)Sustainable Plastics and Resin Materials
Kooi, prof. dr. ir. B.J.Nanostructured Materials and Interfaces
Koopmans, prof. dr. L.V.E.Gravitational Lensing and Dark Matter in Galaxies
Koster, prof. dr. L.J.A.Physics of novel semiconductors and devices
Kosterink, prof. dr. J.G.W. (honorary)Hospital Pharmacy, in particular Clinical Pharmacy
Lazovik, A., Prof DrDistributed Systems
Loi, M.A., Prof DrPhotophysics and Opto-electronics
Loos, K.U., Prof DrMacromolecular Chemistry and New Polymeric Materials
Maarel, prof. dr. M.J.E.C. van derAquatic Biotechnology and Bioproduct Engineering
Maglia, G., Prof Dr PhDChermical Biology
Marrink, prof. dr. S.J.Molecular Dynamics
Meijer, prof. dr. H.A.J.Experimental Physics: Isotope Physics
Mendez, prof. dr. R.M.High Energy Astrophysics
Merbel, prof. dr. N.C. van de (honorary)Industrial Bioanalysis
Middag, prof. dr. R. (honorary)Biogeochemie van mariene sporenmetalen
Minnaard, prof. dr. ir. A.J.Bio-organic Chemistry
Moll, prof. dr. G.N.Protein Modification and Functionality
Morganti, R., Prof Dr (honorary)Structure and Evolution of Radio Milky Ways
Mostovoy, prof. dr. M.V.Theory of strongly correlated systems and magnetism
Müller, prof. dr. T.Combinatorics and probability
Noheda, B., Prof DrFunctional Nanomaterials
Olff, prof. dr. H.Chair in Community and Conservation Ecology
Olinga, prof. dr. P.Translational Biopharmaceutics
Onck, prof. dr. ir. P.R.Micromechanics of Cellular and Active Materials
Oosterloo, prof. dr. T.A. (honorary)Radio Synthesis Techniques and Evolution of Milky Ways
Otto, prof. dr. S.Systems Chemistry
Palasantzas, G., Prof DrSurface Interactions and Nanostructures
Pallante, E., Prof DrParticle Physics
Palsboll, P.J., Prof DrMarine Biology
Pchenitchnikov, M.S., Prof DrOptical Spectroscopy of Condensed Matter
Pei, prof. dr. Y.Advanced Production Engineering
Peletier, prof. dr. R.F.Extragalactic Observational and Instrumental Astronomy
Pescarmona, P.P., Prof DrCatalysis Sustainability
Peters, prof. dr. W.Atmospheric composition moddelling
Petkov, N., Prof DrComputer Science, in particular Parallel Computing Intelligent Systems
Peypouquet, J.G., Prof DrIn the Optimization
Picchioni, F., Prof DrChemical Product Engineering
Piersma, prof. dr. T.Rudi Drent leerstoel in Global Flyway Ecology
Poelarends, prof. dr. G.J.Pharmaceutical Biotechnology
Poelstra, prof. dr. K.Drug Targeting
Poolman, prof. dr. B.Enzymology
Purushothaman Vellayani, A., Prof DrEnergy Conversion
Roelfes, prof. dr. J.G.Biomolecular Chemistry and Catalysis
Roest, prof. dr. D.Quantum Gravity and Cosmology
Roos, prof. dr. W.H.Molecular Biophysics
Rudolf, P., Prof DrExperimental Physics, in particular of Condensed Matter
Scheffers, prof. dr. D.J.Bacterial Cell Biology
Scherpen, prof. dr. ir. J.M.A.Discrete Technology and Production Automation
Scheurink, prof. dr. A.J.W.Neuroendocrinology
Schmidt, M., Prof DrMolecular Pharmacology
Schomaker, prof. dr. L.R.B.Artificial Intelligence
Slotboom, prof. dr. D.J.Structural Membrane Biology
Smit, prof. dr. ir. C.Experimental Conservation Ecology
Stal, M., Prof Dr (honorary)Software Engineering
Stöhr, M.A., Prof Dr (honorary)Surface Science
Storm, prof. dr. T. van der (honorary)Software Engineering
Taatgen, prof. dr. N.A.Cognitive Modelling
Taxis, K., Prof DrPharmacotherapy and Clinical Pharmacy
Thieltges, prof. dr. D.W. (honorary)Marine Parasite Ecology
Tieleman, prof. dr. B.I.Animal Ecology
Timmermans, prof. dr. K.R. (honorary)Marine Plant Biomass
Timmermans, prof. dr. R.G.E.Theoretical Nuclear Physics, in particular Theoretical and Hadronic Physics
Tittonell, P.A., Prof DrAgroecology: resilient agricultural landscapes for nature and people
Tolstoy, prof. dr. E.Chemical Evolution and Star Populations in Dwarf Galaxies
Top, prof. dr. J.Number Theory and Algebraic Geometry
Touw, prof. dr. D.J. (honorary)Bioanalysis, Therapeutic Drug Monitoring en Clinical Toxicology
Trager, S.C., Prof DrEvolution of the Stellar Populations of Elliptical Galaxies and Instrumentation
Tromp, prof. dr. M.Materials Chemistry
Verbitskiy, prof. dr. E.A.Mathematics of Life Science
Verbrugge, prof. dr. L.C.Logic and Cognition
Verheij, prof. dr. H.B.Artificial Intelligence and Argumentation
Verheijen, prof. dr. M.A.W.Structure, Kinematics and Evolution of Galaxies
Verhulst, prof. dr. S.Evolutionary Biology of Ageing
Verpoorte, prof. dr. E.M.J.Analytical Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Analysis
Verstappen, prof. dr. ir. R.W.C.P.Computational Mathematics
Versteeg, prof. dr. ir. G.F.Product Focussed Process Design
Visser, prof. dr. M.E. (honorary)Seasonal Timing of Behaviour
Wal, prof. dr. ir. C.H. van derPhysics of Quantum Devices
Wees, prof. dr. ir. B.J. vanApplied Physics, in particular Physics of Nanodevices
Weijgaert, prof. dr. M.A.M. van deCosmological Structure Formation
Wertheim, prof. dr. B.Evolutionary biology of ecological interactions
Wit, prof. dr. E.C. (honorary)Statistics
Ye, J., Prof DrDevice Physics of Complex Materials
Zaroubi, S., Prof DrPhysics of the Early Universe
Zee, prof. dr. E.A. van derNeurobiology of Learning and Memory

Adjunct Professors / Tenure Track Professors

Andrikopoulos, V., Prof DrSoftware Architecture
Bari, prof. dr. S. (honorary)Soft X-Ray Researchon the Dynamic Structureof IsolatedandSolvatedSingle Biomolecules
Barychev, prof. dr. A.M.Astronomical instrumentation for Far-Infrared Wavelengths
Bertoglio, C.A., Prof DrData-driven mathematical modeling
Besselink, prof. dr. ir. B.Engineering Mathematics /Technische Wiskunde Technische Wiskunde
Biehl, M., Prof DrMachine Learning
Billeter, J.C., Prof DrNeurogenetica van sociaal
Borschevsky, A., Prof DrComputational atomic and molecular physics
Borst, dr. J.P.Computationele Cognitieve Neurowetenschap
Bose, R.K., Prof DrPolymer Engineering
Broek, prof. dr. ir. M. A. van denEnergy Systems and Scenario Development
Bunte, K., Prof DrMachineLearning for interdisciplinarydata analysis
Capiluppi, A., Prof DrSoftware Engineering
Carloni, R., Prof DrRobotics
Chen, H., Prof DrAtmospheric Greenhouse Gases
Dayal, P., Prof DrTheoretical Astrophysics
Dee, M.W., Prof Dr14C-based Chronology and the Environment
Dekker, prof. dr. F.J.Farmaceutische epigenetica
Deuss, prof. dr. P.J.Catalytic Processing of Sustainable Resources
Dolga, A.M., Prof DrRegenerative neuropharmacology
Doorn, prof. dr. G.S. vanEvolutionary Systems Biology
Dugdale, prof. dr. H.L.Evolutionary Medicine
Dusek, U., Prof DrCarbonaceous Aerosols
Egas, prof. dr. C.J.M.Theoretical Biology
El Aidy, S., PhDHost-Microbe Metabolic Interactions
Even, J., Prof DrNuclear Chemistry
Feenstra, prof. dr. T.L.Pharmacoeconomics
Grossi, D., Prof DrMulti-Agent Decision Making
Groves, M.R., Prof DrStructural Biology in Drug Design.
Grzegorczyk, prof. dr. M.A.Computational Statistics
Guskov, A., Prof DrBiomolecular X-ray Crystallography
Hansen, H.H., Prof DrLogic and Semantics of Computation
Havekes, prof. dr. R.Neuroscience of Memory and Sleep
Hildner, R.M., Prof DrOptical Spectroscopy of functional naosystems
Hoekstra, prof. dr. S.Atomic and Molecular Physics
Jansen, T.L.C., Prof DrComputational Spectroscopy
Kortholt, prof. dr. A.Cell Biochemistry
Kosinka, J., Prof Dr Geometric Modelling and Computer Graphics
Kudernác, prof. dr. T.Life-like Supramolecular Mechanics
Lentink, prof. dr. ir. D.Biomimetrics
Maan, prof. dr. M.E.Behavorial Ecology and Evolution of Species Diversity
Mazumdar, A., Prof DrParticle Physics and Gravity
McKean, J.P., Prof DrRadio Astronomy
Meerlo, prof. dr. P.Biology of Sleep
Melgert, prof. dr. B.N.Pharmaceutical Immunology
Milias Argeitis, A., Prof DrSystems biology of Signaling Networks
Müller, J.S., Prof DrArithmetic Geometry
Olivier, prof. dr. J.D.A.Developmental Behavioural Neuroscience
Otten, prof. dr. E.Molecular Inorganic Chemistry
Pen, prof. dr. I.R.Theoretical Evolutionary Ecology
Perez Parra, J.A., Prof DrSoftware Foundations
Portale, G., Prof DrPhysical Chemistry of Polymeric and Nanostructured Materials
Quax, T.E.F., Prof DrMolecular Biology of Archaea and Viruses
Raffa, P., Prof DrSmart and Sustainable Polymeric Products
Salgado Guimarães da Silva, C., Prof DrGeometry
Salvati, A., Prof DrNanomedicine
Starkenburg, prof. dr. E.Galactic Archaeology
Trapman, prof. dr. J.P.Mathematical Statistics
Trenn, S., Prof DrMathematics (Mathematica)
Upham, P. J., DrScience and Technology Studies
Vakis, A., Prof DrMechanics and Tribology of Engineering Systems
Walvoort, prof. dr. M.T.C.Chemical Glycobiology
Wel, prof. dr. P.C.A. van derKernspinresonantie van vaste
Witte, prof. dr. M.D.Chemical Biology
Yue, J., Prof DrGreen Process Intensification

Professors by special appointment

Berg, M.P., Prof Dr Prof DrSoil fauna and Natural Ecosystem Dynamics, endowed by Stichting Leonardo da Vinci
Dijk, prof. dr. ir. C.E.M.J. vanPharmacy Health Services Research, endowed by NIVEL
Jansman, prof. dr. F.G.A.Specialistische Farmaceutische Zorg, i.h.b. in de oncologie, endowed by Stichting Deventer Ziekenhuis
Puijenbroek, prof. dr. E.P. vanPharmacovigilance and Drug Safety, endowed by NEDBIJW
Tak, prof. dr. F.F.S. van derSubmillimeter Astronomy, endowed by Stichting Leonardo da Vinci
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