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P.P. (Paolo) Pescarmona, Prof

Full Professor in Catalysis & Sustainability


• Heterogeneous Catalysis • Homogeneous Catalysis • Green Chemistry: CO2-fixation into cyclic and polymeric carbonates; Sustainable selective oxidations; From biobased molecules to valuable products • Electrocatalysis: Green Hydrogen production (Oxygen evolution reaction, OER); CO2-reduction; Oxygen reduction reaction (ORR); Cogeneration of chemical products and electricity • Photocatalysis • Materials: Zeolites; Mesoporous materials; Nanomaterials; Metal oxides; Silsesquioxanes • Supercritical CO2 • High-Throughput Experimentation

Other positions

Programme Director of the Master in Chemical Engineering
President of the Dutch Zeolite Association (DZA)
Board member of the Dutch Catalysis Society (DCS)
Board Member of the Federation of European Zeolite Associations (FEZA)
Chair of the ENTEG Board
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