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Professors Faculty of Economics and Business


Alessie, prof. dr. R.J.M.Microeconometrics
Allers, prof. dr. M.A.The Economics of Sub-National Government
Angelini, V., ProfEconomics of Household Behaviour
Ark, H.H. van (honorary)Economic Development, Technological Change and Growth
Berg, prof. dr. G.J. van denHealth Econometrics
Berk, prof. dr. J.M.Money and Banking
Beugelsdijk, prof. dr. S. (honorary)International Business and Management
Bezemer, prof. dr. D.J.Economics of International Financial Development.
Bijmolt, prof. dr. T.H.A.Methods and Techniques in Market Research
Bik, prof. dr. O.P.G., RAAudit and Assurance
Bloom, J. de, ProfHuman Resource Management, Occupational Health and Wellbeing
Bolt, prof. dr. J.Global Economic History
Boonstra, prof. dr. A.Information Management, in particular the Interrelationship between ICT, Organizations and People
Broekhuis, prof. dr. H.Professional Service Chains
Bruin, prof. dr. B.P. deFinancial Ethics
Burgers, prof. dr. I.J.J.Tax Economy
Dietzenbacher, prof. dr. H.W.A.Interindustry Economics
Dirks, prof. dr. ir. P.M.G.Management Accounting
Donk, prof. dr. D.P. vanOperations Management
Doorn, prof. dr. J. vanServices Marketing
Drogendijk, prof. dr. H.J.Internationalization Strategy
Elhorst, prof. dr. J.P.Spatial Econometrics
Emanuels, prof. dr. J.A.Information Management
Faria, P.M.M. de, ProfInnovation Management
Fennis, prof. dr. B.M.Consumer Behavior
Garretsen, prof. dr. J.H.International Economics and Business
Gijsenberg, M.J., ProfMarketing Dynamics
Haan, prof. dr. J. dePolitical Economy
Haan, prof. dr. M.A.Industrial Organization
Hermes, prof. dr. C.L.M.International Finance
Hoeven, prof. dr. R.L. terExternal Reporting
Holterman, prof. dr. W.G.M. (honorary)Business Valuation
Hooghiemstra, prof. dr. R.B.H.Financial Reporting and Corporate Governance
Inklaar, prof. dr. R.C.Economics of Productivity and Welfare
Ittersum, prof. dr. ir. K. vanMarketing and Consumer Well-Being
Jansen, prof. dr. E.P.Controlling
Janssen, prof. dr. O.Organizational Behaviour in Business and Economics
Jong, prof. dr. A. deCorporate finance
Jong, prof. dr. H.J. deEconomic History
Jordan, prof. dr. J. (honorary)Ethics and Leadership
Knot, prof. dr. K.H.W. (honorary)Economics of Central Banking
Langley, D.J., ProfDigital Transformation
Lensink, prof. dr. B.W.Finance and Financial Markets
Los, prof. dr. B.Economics of technological progress and structural change
Mierau, J.O., ProfPublic Health Economics
Mills, M.C., ProfData Science and Public Health Policy
Mulder, prof. dr. M.Energy Economics
Muller, prof. dr. A.R.International Management
Nijstad, prof. dr. B.A.Decision Making and Organizational Behavior in Business and Economics
Nikolova, M.V., ProfEconomics and Well-being
Noseleit, F., ProfEntrepreneurship and Innovation
Oehmichen, J.D.R., Prof (honorary)Leadership Governance
Riezebos, prof. dr. J.Edication Innovation
Rink, prof. dr. F.A.Organizational Behaviour and Identity Management
Romeijnders, prof. dr. W.Optimization under Uncertainty
Roodbergen, prof. dr. K.J.Quantitive Logistics
Roszbach, prof. dr. K.F.Banking and Finance
Ryan, M.K., ProfDiversity Management
Scholtens, prof. dr. L.J.R.Sustainable Banking and Finance
Schultze, U., ProfBusiness Information Systems
Shehu, E., ProfDigital Marketing
Sneller, prof. dr. A.C.W., RCPractice of Digitalization AI in Accounting Auditing
Soetevent, prof. dr. A.R.Microeconomics
Sterken, prof. dr. E. (honorary)Monetary Economics
Sterken, prof. dr. E.Monetary Economics
Stoker, prof. dr. J.I.Leadership and Organizational Change
Teunter, prof. dr. R.H.Operations Research
Timmer, prof. dr. M.P.Empirics of Growth, Trade and Productivity
Toebes, prof. mr. dr. B.C.A.Academic Director AJSPH
Ursavas, E., ProfEnergy Logistics
Vaart, prof. dr. J.T. van derSupply Chain Management
Vegt, prof. dr. G.S. van derBusiness Studies, in particular Work and Organizational Psychology in Business and Economics
Veldman, prof. dr. J.Technology and Operations Management
Verhoef, prof. dr. P.C.Marketing
Vis, prof. dr. I.F.A.Industrial Engineering
Vuuren, prof. dr. A.P. vanEconometrics
Wang, prof. dr. W.Econometrics
Wieringa, prof. dr. J.E.Research Methods in Business

Professors by special appointment

Cense, prof. dr. H.A.Health System Innovation, endowed by C.R. Rao Stichting
Kamp-Roelands, prof. dr. A.E.M., RANon-Financial Information, Integrated Reporting and Assurance, endowed by C.R. Rao Stichting
Koning, prof. dr. R.H.Sport Economics, endowed by W.J.H. Mulier Instituut
Mees, prof. dr. R.A.J.Practice of Business Ethics
Noordhoff, prof. dr. C.S.Retail Marketing, endowed by Stichting Anton Dreesman
Phlippen, prof. dr. S.M.W.Sustainable Development and Economics
Poldner, prof. dr. K.A.Circular Regional Economic Development
Schoonbeek, prof. dr. L.Applied Game Theory, endowed by SGUF
Sloot, prof. dr. L.M.Entrepreneurship in Retailing, endowed by Stichting Lokaal Retail Ondernemerschap

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