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University of Groningen professors

Position of the professor

A professor plays a central role in teaching and research and the organization thereof. A professor is responsible for the quality and the orientation of the tasks to be performed within the department or unit. A professor is also responsible for the organization of the department and must contribute to the organization and policy of the faculty.

Types of appointment

In law there are two types of professor, an ordinary professor and a professor by special appointment. Ordinary professors are appointed by the university, professors by special appointment are appointed by a legal entity, often a foundation or association.

The ordinary professor category can be subdivided into Professor 1, Professor 2 and university reader/associate professor. The difference between them is based on the content of the position. An associate professor is the equivalent of a UHD (University Reader) position with regard to content.

Ordinary professors can be appointed full-time or part-time. The difference between them is based on the extent of the position. The policy of the CvB is that a minimum appointment must cover 50% of the working hours, unless the main employment of the person in question is outside the University.

An ordinary professor can also receive an honorary appointment, what used to be referred to as ‘buiten bezwaar’ (beyond objection) or a ‘nulaanstelling’ (zero-hour appointment). The appointment procedure is the same as for ordinary professors.

Source: University of Groningen Professor Policy 2020

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