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prof. dr. B.M. (Bob) Fennis



Consumer psychology, persuasion, unconscious influence, consumer self-regulation, nudging and heuristics, consumer health and well-being, food-related decision making.
My main research interest is what you could label "Hidden Persuasion" and focuses on how subtle (and not so subtle) marketing cues influence consumers in their emotions, thoughts and behavior, frequently without them being aware of this influence. The results of this research can aid in empowering consumers and foster health and wellbeing. Please see the research page for an overview of published work in these areas

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Lid Adviescommissie Gedrag & Communicatie, Voedingscentrum
Bestuurslid Kenniscentrum Bier
Sr. Researcher Research program "Life history strategies and health-related behaviors in wealthy environments"
Sr. Researcher Research program "Improving the effectiveness of nudges in promoting positive health behaviors"
(Parttime) Professor of Marketing, School of Marketing and International Business, Victoria University Wellington
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9747 AE Groningen

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