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The coin of consumption: Understanding the bright and dark sides

When Innovation Backfires: Preference for Predictability Moderates the Spillover of Functional Food Ambivalence to the Entire Parent Category

Acute stress can boost and buffer hedonic consumption: The role of individual differences in consumer life history strategies

A good reason to buy: Justification drives the effect of advertising frames on impulsive socially responsible buying

Fit and Tipsy? The Interrelationship between Cardiorespiratory Fitness and Alcohol Consumption and Dependence

From Direct Marketing Towards Interactive Marketing: The Evolving Interactive Marketing Tools

Hedonic consumption in times of stress: Reaping the emotional benefits without the self-regulatory cost

Incentivizing social diffusion on networks using a novel game-theoretic model

In-Store Interactive Advertising Screens: The Effect of Interactivity on Impulse Buying Explained by Self-Agency

Saved by the Past? Disease threat triggers nostalgic consumption

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