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Are functional foods used as self-medication?: Subjective health, self-reported disease symptoms, current medical treatment and functional food choices

Compulsive Social Media Use and Disconnection Anxiety: Predictors and Markers of Compulsive and Addictive Social Media Consumption

Set that record straight! Cardinal line orientations in music album artwork boost market performance and music consumption

Social tipping games: Experimental paradigms for studying consumer movements

When do conspiracy theories shape behavioural intentions? The moderating role of the need to evaluate

When enough is NOT enough: Behavioral and motivational paths to compulsive social media consumption

From Direct Marketing Towards Interactive Marketing: The Evolving Interactive Marketing Tools

From Exposure to Intentions: How the Need to Evaluate Shapes the Impact of Conspiracy Theories on Behavioural Intentions

The coin of consumption: Understanding the bright and dark sides

When Does Conspiracy Exposure Affect Behavioural Intentions? The Moderating Role of the Need to Evaluate

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