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A multi site preregistered paradigmatic test of the ego depletion effect

Acute stress can boost and buffer hedonic consumption: The role of individual differences in consumer life history strategies

Collective patterns of social diffusion are shaped by individual inertia and trend-seeking

Emotional eating in adults: The role of socio-demographics, lifestyle behaviors, and self-regulation- Findings from a US national study

Fit & Tipsy? The Interrelationship between cardiorespiratory fitness and alcohol consumption & dependence

In-Store Interactive Advertising Screens: The Effect of Interactivity on Impulse Buying Explained by Self-Agency

Is there a “Gestalt bias” in indulgence? Subjectively constructing food units into wholes (versus parts) increases desire to eat and actual consumption

Long-Term Weight Loss Success and the Health Behaviors of Adults in the United States: Findings from a Nationally Representative Cross-sectional Study

Losses tune differently than gains: how gains and losses shape attentional scope and influence goal pursuit

Nudging health: Scarcity cues boost healthy consumption among fast rather than slow strategists (and abundance cues do the opposite)

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De onderschatte kracht van misleidende reclame en fake news

Het winkelen verleerd? Volgens deze hoogleraar gaan alle remmen van ons consumentenbrein nu los