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K.U. (Katja) Loos, Prof



Our main research interests are currently focused on the design, synthesis and characterization of novel tailor made macromolecules as well as on the development of sustainable, eco-efficient and competitive production methods of polymeric materials. By utilizing modern polymer synthesis techniques including biocatalysis and other controlled polymerization methods our research aims to expand fundamental scientific knowledge towards advanced technologies.

Our research efforts can roughly be divided into projects centered on the design of new enzymatic polymerization/monomer synthesis techniques and projects aiming at the synthesis and the study of/utilization of the self-assembly of block copolymers. Please use the links below to learn more.

Other positions

Chair of the board of the Zernike Institute for Advanced Materials
Member of the advisory board of the Faculty of Economics and Business
National representative to the European Polymer Federation
Member of the board of the National Dutch Graduate School of Polymer Science & Technology (PTN)
Member (vice chair) of the program committee Chemistry of Advanced Materials of the top-sector chemistry (Holland Chemistry)
Member of the theme comittee "Materials" of The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)
Member of the working group Chemistry of Materials of The Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO)
Member of the programme commitee of GoChem
Editor of Polymer
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