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How to find us prof. dr. A. (Anupam) Mazumdar

prof. dr. A. (Anupam) Mazumdar




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Research Topics:

(1) Tests of quantum gravity in a table-top experiment, See my ideas on "Spin entanglement witness for quantum gravity ." Designing the tiniest (micron-size) particle accelerator to test the quantum nature of graviton in a lab. Theoretical aspects of quantum gravity & quantum entanglement.

(2) Testing quantum gravity with LIGO/VIRGO data, probing quantum features of gravity from quasi-normal modes & shadow of blackholes .

(3) Resolution of Cosmological & Blackhole singularities . Imbedding inflation in quantum theory of gravity .

(4) Baryogenesis, dark matter, non-topological solitons, thermal/non-thermal phase transitions and gravitational waves .

PhD Opportunities:
If you wish to do PhD in the Van Swinderen Institute on the above topics, contact me: anupam.mazumdar

Other positions

Scientific Associate, Discovery Center, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen
Affiliate, Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics, University of Edinburgh
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