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Research Topics:

(1) Tests of Quantum Gravity via Quantum Entanglement in a laboratory. I am one of the key proponents of this idea, along with my key collaborators. "Spin entanglement witness for quantum gravity ."  We are aiming to design the tiniest (micron-size nano-crystals) particle accelerator to create the Schrödinger Cat state in a laboratory to test the quantum nature of spacetime. In particular, this will lead to the very first demonstration that the gravitational interaction with the matter is quantum in nature. In the context of a perturbative quantum gravity this would surmount to understand the properties of spin-2 nature of the graviton " Mechanism for the quantum natured gravitons to entangle masses ", and " Locality and entanglement in table-top testing of the quantum nature of linearized gravity ". (2) To test Quantum Gravity induced Entanglement of Masses (known as QGEM protocol), we will need to create a macroscopic quantum superposition with heavy masses, large superposition, and a long coherence timescale. Our group is closely working with experimental groups to realize such a protocol in a laboratory: " Realization of a complete Stern-Gerlach interferometer: Towards a test of quantum gravity ", and " Constructing nano-object quantum superpositions with a Stern-Gerlach interferometer ".
(3) Our group is designing a matter-wave interferometer that can act as an accelerometer " Mesoscopic Interference for Metric and Curvature (MIMAC) $\&$ Gravitational Wave Detection ". One of the key areas of improvement is required in the noise reduction, especially gravity gradient and relative acceleration noise " Relative acceleration noise mitigation for nanocrystal matter-wave interferometry: Applications to entangling masses via quantum gravity " . Furthermore, we will also require ameliorating our background due to Electromagnetic interaction, such as Casimir potential " Quantum Gravity Witness via Entanglement of Masses: Casimir Screening " .
(4) Testing quantum gravity with LIGO/VIRGO data, probing quantum features of gravity from quasi-normal modes & shadow of black holes . I am interested in probing the quantum nature of a compact object which can mimic the properties of a classical black hole.
(5) Resolution of Cosmological & Black hole singularities . Imbedding inflation in the quantum theory of gravity . I initiated ideas on resolving cosmological singularity with infinite derivative theories of gravity which is free from perturbative ghosts. Such theories can potentially resolve the black hole singularity and the information-loss paradox.
(6) Baryogenesis, dark matter, non-topological solitons, thermal/non-thermal phase transitions and gravitational waves . I am interested in how non-trivial phase transitions in the Early Universe can lead to the gravitational wave background in LIGO/VIRGO and LISA experiments.

Ph.D & Master's project opportunities:
If you wish to do Ph.D in the Van Swinderen Institute on the above topics, contact me: anupam.mazumdar . If you wish to do the Master's research project on testing the quantum nature of gravity in a laboratory, contact me.

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Affiliate, Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics, University of Edinburgh
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