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prof. dr. A. (Anupam) Mazumdar

Associate Professor
prof. dr. A. (Anupam) Mazumdar



I am interested in following topics:
(1) Early Universe Cosmology, Inflation, Preheating/Reheating, 
(2) Embedding Inflation within Particle and String theory, 
(3) Primordial Gravitational waves, Cosmological sources, Lattice simulations
(4) Common origin behind Dark matter & Baryogenesis
(5) Resolving cosmological and blackhole singularitites
(6) Asymptotically free and ghost free theory of Quantum Gravity, UV Completion of Einstein's Gravity
(7) Beyond the Standard Model, SUSY, MSSM Flat Directions, Q-Balls, Topological and Non-topological Solitons
(8) Primordial magnetic field and its geneartions
(9) Cosmobiology & habitability or habitable zones in the Universe

If you wish to do PhD at University of Groningen on: Inflationary Cosmology, Beyond the Standard Model Physics, Supersymmetric Cosmology, Dark Matter & Baryogenesis, Primordial Gravitational Waves, Asymptotically Free Quantum Gravity and its connection to String field theory, Resolution of Big Bang Cosmological singularity & Blackhole Singularity problems, contact me for further

Career Details
2015:          :  JSPS Award
, (Visiting Professor) Tokyo Institute of Technology, Japan
2010 - 2017:
Reader, Lancaster University
2007 - 2010:
Lecturer, Lancaster University
2008 - 2013:
Honorary Associate Professor, Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark
2004 - 2007:
Assistant Professor, NORDITA, Copenhagen, Denmark
2002 - 2004:
CITA National Fellow, McGill University, Canada
2000 - 2002: Postdoc, ICTP, Trieste, Italy
1997 - 2000:
PhD from Imperial College, London, UK
1997 - 2000: INLAKS Award,   India

Complete List of Publications, Citations, from INSPIRE
Google Profile complete list of publications, citations

My Notable Scientific Reviews:
Review on Inflation and Curvaton from Particle Physics
Review on Preheating and Reheating
Review on MSSM Flat Directions, Baryogenesis and Dark Matter

Research Highlights/Press clipings/ Outreach: 

(2019) Scientific Consultant for a theatre company: STEREOPTIK for the show STELLAIRE
New Scientist (15/11/17): Free-fall test experiment could test if gravity is a quantum force
Inside SCIENCE (AIP) (6/11/17): A Tabletop Experiment For Quantum Gravity

Physics World: Are there signs of SUSY in Planck data?
New Scientist: What kind of bang was the Big Bang?
Scientific American: Could the Large Hadron Collider Discover the Particle Underlying Both Mass and Cosmic Inflation?
New Scientist: Did the Higgs boson puff up the universe?
Science News: Best cosmic cradles of life may elliptical in shape
New Scientist: Giant old galaxies, not Milky Ways, are best for life to thrive Giant galaxies may be better cradles for habitable planets
AAS-nova: Which galaxies are the most habitable?
Durham: Is there life out there?
Astronomy Now: Searching for the most habitable galaxies
Converstaion: Move over Milky Way, elliptical galaxies are the most habitable in the cosmos

Other positions

Scientific Associate, Discovery Center, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen
Affiliate, Higgs Centre for Theoretical Physics, University of Edinburgh
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