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Impulsive waves in ghost-free infinite derivative gravity in anti-de Sitter spacetime

Locality and entanglement in table-top testing of the quantum nature of linearized gravity

Mesoscopic interference for metric and curvature & gravitational wave detection

New massless and massive infinite derivative gravity in three dimensions

Nonlocal gravity with worldline inversion symmetry

NUT charge in linearized infinite derivative gravity

Stable, nonsingular bouncing universe with only a scalar mode

Ghost-free infinite derivative quantum field theory

Nonlocal star as a blackhole mimicker

Nonlocality amplifies echoes

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Discovery of the largest rotation in the universe

From burglar alarms to black hole detectors

From Burglar Alarms to Black Hole Detectors (Physics)

Un interferómetro de chip de átomo que podía detectar la gravedad cuántica

From burglar alarms to black hole detectors

An Atom Chip Interferometer That Could Detect Quantum Gravity

An atom chip interferometer that could detect quantum gravity

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