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Practical matters How to find us A. (Anupam) Mazumdar, Prof Dr

A. (Anupam) Mazumdar, Prof Dr


1997 - 2000:  INLAKS Award 

1997 - 2000:  PhD from Imperial College, London, UK

​2000 - 2002:  Postdoctoral Fellow, ICTP, Trieste, Italy

​2002 - 2004:  CITA National Fellow, McGill University, Canada

​2004 - 2007:  Assistant Professor of NORDITA, Copenhagen, Denmark

​2007 - 2017:  Reader, Lancaster university, UK

​2008 - 2013:  Honorary Associate Professor at the Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen, Denmark

​2017 -            Associate Professor at Van Swinderen Institute, University of Groningen, Netherlands​

I am working on in the interface of Classical and quantum gravity, laboratory tests for quantum gravity, non-singular cosmology, cosmological density perturbations, non-singular black holes, and particle physics beyond the Standard Model.

I believe that the most impactful paper of my career is to conceive a protocol to test the quantum nature of gravity in a table-top experiment despite the weakness of gravity "Spin Entanglement Witness for Quantum Gravity (2017 publication Phys.Rev.Lett. 119 (2017) 24, 240401). I have recently proposed to test the spin-2 nature of gravity in a Gravitational Optomechanical setup Gravitational Optomechanics: Photon-Matter Entanglement via Graviton Exchange (2209.09273 [gr-qc]). These two experiments will inevitably shed light on the quantum nature of gravity in a laboratory for the first time via witnessing Bell's type entanglement. I have been working in designing these experiments which hopefully can be performed in near future. The import of such an experiment will be no less than the detection of gravitational waves or the detection of the Higgs in the LHC.


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