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How to find us T. (Thijs) Bouman, PhD

T. (Thijs) Bouman, PhD

Lecturer and research (Assistant Professor)


Environmental psychology, group processes, human values, social identity.

Research interests
I am interested in personal and group factors driving individuals’ responses to global crises, in particular climate change. One research line I am currently working on focuses on the influence of personal and (perceived) group values on individuals’ pro-environmental engagement, and how interventions could target such values to promote pro-environmental action. For this, I collaborate with various partners in the field, such as nature organizations (e.g., WWF, Alliance for Nature, Groninger Landschap), zoos (Dutch Association of Zoos) and schools. Currently, I am also exploring the role of values in responses to the COVID-19 crisis. Another research line I am working on focuses on the interaction between individuals and (automated) energy technologies. How do individuals use and interact with energy technologies, what are individuals’ attitudes toward such technologies, and – importantly – how can technologies empower and engage individuals to actively participate in sustainable transitions?

Other positions

Advicing researcher ("expert contract") European Commission's Joint Research Centre - DG Energy
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Contact information

Grote Kruisstraat 2/1, Heymans building, room 476

Job title:
Assistant Professor
Working hours:
mon, tue: 09:00 - 17:00h; wed, thu, fri: 09:00 - 14:00h

environmental psychology