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How to find us T. (Thijs) Bouman, PhD


Environmental values and identities at the personal and group level

I Am versus We Are: How Biospheric Values and Environmental Identity of Individuals and Groups Can Influence Pro-environmental Behaviour

Insights from early COVID-19 responses about promoting sustainable action

Convince Yourself to Do the Right Thing: The Effects of Provided Versus Self-Generated Arguments on Rule Compliance and Perceived Importance of Socially Desirable Behavior

De waarden achter klimaatgedrag: Hoe persoonlijke waarden en waargenomen groepswaarden klimaatgedrag motiveren en versterken

Effects of competence- and integrity-based trust on public acceptability of renewable energy projects in China and the Netherlands

Engaging city residents in climate action: Addressing the personal and group value-base behind residents' climate actions

Meta-analytic evidence for a robust and positive association between individuals' pro-environmental behaviors and their subjective wellbeing

Motivating Climate Action

Public participation in decision making, perceived procedural fairness and public acceptability of renewable energy projects

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BNR Duurzaam - Verkiezingen en duurzaamheid

Nieuws van ver kleurt je blik thuis

Slecht nieuws uit Turkije stigmatiseert Turken hier

Gekleurd beeld

'Verre' vreemdeling lijdt ook onder onterechte associaties met zijn land

Foreign threats, nearby consequences

De Ochtend

Nederlandse moslims lijden onder IS

Angst zonder grenzen

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