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PhD student creates recyclable rubber (video)16 December 2015
Becoming a global university14 December 2015
Endobronchial valves in the treatment of patients with severe COPD10 December 2015
First look at protein complex regulating cell division08 December 2015
New massive dataset of bacterial proteins08 December 2015
National research centre for chemical building blocks07 December 2015
Royal Decoration for Jaap van Manen03 December 2015
University of Groningen presents design of Zernikeborg: a new science & engineering building03 December 2015
Computer exercise retrains automatic processes in the brain to treat addiction02 December 2015
Neighbourhood green spaces healthier when easier to access and use30 November 2015
Despite folic acid no decrease in neural tube defects in unborn children in Europe25 November 2015
The anatomy of flower colours24 November 2015
New technique measures leaks in underground CO 2 storage sites24 November 2015
Winners Greenest Research Awards Groningen23 November 2015
Royal Decoration for Henk Broer20 November 2015
The Birth of Monsters19 November 2015
University of Groningen appoints Head of Communication and Head of International Strategy and Relations19 November 2015
The Netherlands and Indonesia; researchers and arts come together in the Rijksmuseum18 November 2015
Ben Feringa receives Chemistry for the Future Solvay Prize18 November 2015
Prestigieuze oeuvreprijs voor Dick de Zeeuw17 November 2015
Unique book on The star of Bethlehem16 November 2015
‘Employers deserve protection from the extreme burden caused by labour laws’12 November 2015
Municipalities receive €33 billion via 61 government grants10 November 2015
Reconstruction of early medieval turf house open06 November 2015
Mathieu Paapst spreekt op jubileum Erfgoedinspectie over Open Data05 November 2015
Information about branch campus Yantai04 November 2015
The sex appeal of the Wehrmacht soldier03 November 2015
Rift between autism research and practice widens28 October 2015
Kans van slagen klimaattop Parijs groter dan destijds in Kopenhagen27 October 2015
Subsidy for researching a procedure to make city neighborhoods and villages energy neutral27 October 2015
Marine micro-algae, seaweeds and salt-tolerant plants as a future source of nutrition and energy27 October 2015
Wiene van Hattum: 'Wij zijn het enige land in Europa met zo'n strenge uitvoering van de straf levenslang'27 October 2015
Research on 'dark tourism'and emotions gets a boost - Dorina Buda21 October 2015
NWO Alfa Meerwaarde financiering voor onderzoekers Faculteit der Letteren19 October 2015
University of Groningen graphene research continues to excel15 October 2015
Province, municipality and University pledge substantial investment in university education14 October 2015
Contempt and arrogance at the root of poor leadership14 October 2015
Nieuw centrum voor onderzoek aansprakelijkheid en schade14 October 2015
Nieuwe Broerstraat 5 is uit08 October 2015
Elsevier: masteropleidingen Media Studies, CIW, Taalwetenschappen (research) en Archeologie en Archeologie (research) beoordeeld als beste van Nederland06 October 2015
The ecology of microbial invasions05 October 2015
University of Groningen and Energy Academy Europe launch unique MOOC on Energy Transition05 October 2015
Saving energy and money with smart systems05 October 2015
Gabriël Anthonio, Professor by Special Appointment of Sociology of Leadership, Organizations and Sustainability02 October 2015
A new approach to nuisance neighbours30 September 2015
Tata Steel to fund scholarships for University of Groningen nanoscience master29 September 2015
Successful meeting 'Innovating & Improving Together': students advise SMEs [video]29 September 2015
STW grant for SMARTBREED project25 September 2015
University of Groningen and Energy Academy Europe launch unique massive online open course (MOOC) on Energy Transition24 September 2015
RUG ontvangt gasten van gerenommeerde buitenlandse universiteiten24 September 2015
Weekend van de Wetenschap in Groningen (3 en 4 oktober)24 September 2015
Strong evidence debunking common myths about right and left-handedness23 September 2015
Vermindering van pesten op KiVa-scholen23 September 2015
Research grants of 100K for FEB’s Jutta Bolt: the future of farming and income inequality in Africa22 September 2015
Taking blood samples at home after an organ transplant22 September 2015
New facility for start-ups in the chemical sector will boost innovation on Zernike Campus21 September 2015
U-Meet: Around the Sun (1 October)21 September 2015
Aletta Jacobs Prize 2016 for Petra Stienen18 September 2015
Avoiding stem cells during radiotherapy prevents dry mouth18 September 2015
Astronomers stumble upon mysterious filaments17 September 2015
Social media not a universal cure for all elderly16 September 2015
RUG opnieuw bij beste 100 universiteiten wereldwijd15 September 2015
Geneticus Cisca Wijmenga ontvangt Spinozapremie14 September 2015
‘Wave’ sends information through magnet14 September 2015
NWO Research Talent grant for Vera de Bel and prof. dr.Tom Snijders11 September 2015
Huge stimulus for innovation in Groningen11 September 2015
Debbie Lager: "Older people need to feel at home in their neighbourhood"10 September 2015
University alumnus becomes top official in Europe09 September 2015
African rice farmers suffer hunger because of Dutch dairy industry02 September 2015
Holland Scholarships awarded to incoming and outgoing students02 September 2015
Expedition members back in The Netherlands31 August 2015
Two groups of students from Osaka University visit Groningen31 August 2015
Media centraal bij opening academisch jaar Rijksuniversiteit Groningen27 August 2015
Succesfull introduction day students in Leeuwarden26 August 2015
Frisian faculty fast approaching26 August 2015
Energy Academy Europe to provide education in Mozambique26 August 2015
Janka Stoker appointed chair of Economic Board Groningen supervisory board19 August 2015
Korean students visit Summer School19 August 2015
Follow the expedition!18 August 2015
Reporting on remote global events influences local group relationships12 August 2015
Veni subsidies voor FEB onderzoekers Jochem de Bresser and Susanne Täuber10 August 2015
First-year students get to know Groningen10 August 2015
Our Neighbourhood Sustainable by 2030 – How?05 August 2015
How accurate is our perception?29 July 2015
University of Groningen researchers present results of Wind Energy Knowledge Plan pilot study23 July 2015
Man and animals grow closer in wartime22 July 2015
Veni grants awarded to 21 University of Groningen and UMCG researchers20 July 2015
Five Veni grants awarded to Groningen science faculty19 July 2015
Major Horizon 2020 Award to the Arctic Centre15 July 2015
Groningen starts pilot on preventing language deficiency in children15 July 2015
Experiences of youth in care do not meet their needs08 July 2015
René Veenstra nominated for the Huibregtsen Prize 201507 July 2015
Thijmen Calis best student, Namkje Koudenburg writes best thesis03 July 2015
Bacteria generate ’blue energy’01 July 2015
Medewerkers in de Media - Mei en juni 201530 June 2015
Dialogue Table: talk and action30 June 2015
Intra-European mobility: a guarantee for more European identity and solidarity?30 June 2015
Stephan van Galen appointed General Manager of the Office of the University of Groningen24 June 2015
Darwin's finches have reached their limits on the Galápagos23 June 2015
Ubbo Emmius Fund new shirt sponsor for premier league team Donitas Ladies 122 June 2015
Antibody can halt effect of new anticoagulants22 June 2015
Positive stereotyping best remedy for negative stereotyping19 June 2015
The University of Groningen joins the Open Library of Humanities18 June 2015
The first aphasia tests on a tablet17 June 2015
Dubbeloratie over gevolgen decentralisatie overheidstaken17 June 2015
Diamonds could reveal the secrets of cancer cells16 June 2015
Santos receives EMBO long-term fellowship13 June 2015
Spinoza Prizewinner: ‘Research on gluten intolerance is a matter of patience’12 June 2015
Successful conference of the Society for Environmental Law and Economics11 June 2015
University of Groningen and companies working on the smart industries of the future10 June 2015
Children with burns recover better than previously thought10 June 2015
‘In-the-box’ idea awarded €2M in NWO-TOP programme05 June 2015
Sustainable Buildings spin-off wins Pioneers prize03 June 2015
New approach to the burial culture of terp dwellers03 June 2015
University of Groningen climbs to gold in sustainability rankings02 June 2015
New board CUOS 2015-201602 June 2015
Call for Papers - Opportunities and democratic Challenges of ICT Development in East Asia, with a focus on China (U4 Conference 4-6 Nov.)01 June 2015
New free online course: Why do we age?27 May 2015
A quarter of pregnant women do not get optimum prenatal care26 May 2015
Large turnout at Construction Kickoff Energy Academy Europe22 May 2015
Higher education mission Canada 201522 May 2015
Publieksacademie voor de Rechtspraak: Kan een asociale huurder uit de woning worden gezet?22 May 2015
Largest Dutch polar expedition in history19 May 2015
Largest Dutch polar expedition in history19 May 2015
NWO awards Vici grant to prof. dr. Marc Verheijen18 May 2015
New research centre: In the LEAD13 May 2015
King Saud University signs an Agreement of Collaboration with the University of Groningen13 May 2015
Pauline Kleingeld appointed member of KNAW13 May 2015
Board of the University responds to RethinkRUG open letter12 May 2015
‘Marketeers, take care of your customers and increase your profits’06 May 2015
‘Health legislation in developing countries must be improved’06 May 2015
Global trade and income inequality29 April 2015
Global shortage of agricultural land in 205028 April 2015
A special Noorderbreedte Magazine in cooperation with Sustainable Society24 April 2015
Joost de Vries new guest writer at University of Groningen24 April 2015
Royal Decorations for three University of Groningen employees24 April 2015
Royal Decoration for Peter Barthel24 April 2015
Royal Decoration for Bert Kamstra24 April 2015
Children benefit from asymmetry in the playground22 April 2015
New research institute GELIFES focuses on adaptive capacity of living systems22 April 2015
Masterstudente Neerlandistiek Lilian Zielstra wint voorronde schrijfwedstrijd Write Now! Groningen21 April 2015
Online Portal Academic Communication Skills17 April 2015
Negative momentum detrimental to athletes15 April 2015
Video: Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies starts at University of Groningen08 April 2015
Raswetenschapper in protest, bloeddiamanten en een oeroude Drentsche Aa01 April 2015
Free online course on religion and conflict01 April 2015
Anti-depressants not as effective as advertised26 March 2015
University of Groningen to start first Dutch branch campus in China25 March 2015
No significant difference in complications in pregnant women with high blood pressure25 March 2015
Video game helps people with prostheses25 March 2015
Shrinking sea ice forces polar bears to eat eggs24 March 2015
Households pay € 12 more to municipalities24 March 2015
Little empirical evidence for recruitment in prisons23 March 2015
Video Unifocus: one million for Serengeti research18 March 2015
Former Rector Magnificus Anthonie Wattel passed away16 March 2015
Studente Communicatie- en Informatiewetenschappen wint Anéla/VIOT Scriptieprijs 201412 March 2015
Unifocus video: University of Groningen students learn how to be entrepreneurs11 March 2015
Medewerkers in de Media - Februari 201506 March 2015
Unifocus video: Debunking the myths of left and right-handedness04 March 2015
Effectiveness of antipsychotic drug and associated weight gain may be predictable02 March 2015
Captain of 'Young Holland' blew his own trumpet02 March 2015
Developing transistors with new electronic functionalities02 March 2015
Start of building work on Zernike Campus Groningen26 February 2015
Substantial European grants for University of Groningen Researchers26 February 2015
20,000 registrations! University of Groningen Language Centre presents Introduction to Dutch MOOC26 February 2015
Unifocus video: Online Dutch course global hit25 February 2015
Smart assembly lines that repair themselves24 February 2015
Boosting local sustainable energy initiatives with innovative technology20 February 2015
Focus on the success of others leads to selfish behaviour18 February 2015
Towards a 'green' soft drinks bottle18 February 2015
EUR 1 million for Serengeti research Han Olff18 February 2015
Millions worth of grants for five Groningen top researchers13 February 2015
Exercise-induced asthma demonstrable in young children12 February 2015
Scary images on cigarette packages do not deter everyone11 February 2015
Students uncover stories11 February 2015
Gas reserves can be used four times more efficiently09 February 2015
Unifocus video: Innovation makes wastewater treatment more sustainable and cheaper04 February 2015
First sensor for ‘crowd control’ in cells03 February 2015
Speeding up new enzyme design02 February 2015
Anton Scheurink elected Lecturer of the Year29 January 2015
Open dag Rijksuniversiteit Groningen29 January 2015
Extensive renovation of University Library starts on fourth floor in February29 January 2015
Unifocus video: Pilot plant for green economy28 January 2015
Water authority levies rise by 2 to 8 percent per year27 January 2015
Turning gas into a hard drive27 January 2015
University of Groningen welcomes 700 international students26 January 2015
University returns to Fryslân after two hundred years24 January 2015
University of Groningen awards its first international doctorate to aphasia researchers23 January 2015
Molecular machines move to a new level22 January 2015
New vision to extend Zernike Campus Groningen to international proportions21 January 2015
University of Groningen leads the way in online taster courses21 January 2015
Unifocus: Trainee Curator programme21 January 2015
University of Groningen Nerdalize start-up receives Ministerial funding14 January 2015
New information could change therapies for aphasia patients13 January 2015
Three young researchers to top institutes abroad on Rubicon grants13 January 2015
New video MAs East Asian Studies and testimonial: David Shim, Sanne Kamerling and Roy de Vries07 January 2015
Mow even later to save the godwit06 January 2015
RUG expands into Drenthe05 January 2015
Woonlasten grote gemeenten stijgen minder dan inflatie02 January 2015

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