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Rough farmyard manure good for meadow birds and farmers12 December 2017
How ribosomes shape the proteome06 December 2017
Controlling Spin Direction in Sandwiches of Two-dimensional Materials04 December 2017
Sucking up electrons with acid30 November 2017
Making robots (and humans) cooperate30 November 2017
ERC grants help three UG scientists head to the top28 November 2017
Hidde Hendriksen wint Lorentz Afstudeerprijs voor onderzoek naar kleinste bouwsteentjes van materie27 November 2017
First proper motions measured for stars in a small galaxy outside Milky Way27 November 2017
UG and Northern Online Entrepreneurs launch Groningen Digital Business Centre25 November 2017
Marine life changes as a result of melting Antarctic ice23 November 2017
Delta Plan for Restoring Biodiversity first step towards new equilibrium23 November 2017
University of Groningen the best broad traditional university in the Netherlands15 November 2017
Jayawardhana wins FSE Teacher of the Year Award14 November 2017
Spitzer Reveals Ancient Galaxies' Frenzied Starmaking31 October 2017
Birds without own brood help other birds with parenting, but not selflessly23 October 2017
Theunis Piersma wins top British ornithology award19 October 2017
Newly described process in Parkinson’s protein as a potential new therapy route18 October 2017
Groningen students against food loss: fermentation bacteria as virus betrayers?17 October 2017
Chris van den Broeck appointed Professor by special appointment in gravitational waves at the Van Swinderen Institute17 October 2017
Major advance in nanopore detection of peptides and proteins17 October 2017
Groningse studenten in Solar Challenge 201913 October 2017
How does a bacterium make sense of the world?11 October 2017
UG-truck 'Your Future Energy' to keep going11 October 2017
Doctors and pharmacists work together to reduce the use of medication at nursing homes10 October 2017
Hans van der Plicht appointed Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion06 October 2017
Expansion of collaboration between UG and Osaka University Japan05 October 2017
New international funding for AGOR particle accelerator on its 20th birthday05 October 2017
DOT DOME Cinema: Live planetariumshow “Cassini: the Grand Finale” on 8 October04 October 2017
Inflammatory protein also present in lungs of ex-smokers03 October 2017
Daydreams in a computer model02 October 2017
Night owls sleep better after light therapy in the mornings27 September 2017
Astronomy at Dutch universities leads the world25 September 2017
New director for the Van Swinderen Institute for Particle Physics and Gravity07 September 2017
Atomically thin layers bring spintronics closer to applications15 August 2017
Groningen University at the Noorderzon festival09 August 2017
Five Veni grants of 250,000 euros28 July 2017
Van Leersum grant for international comparative study of medicine use in children with ADHD24 July 2017
Young Scientist Medal for astronomer Pratika Dayal21 July 2017
Lung Foundation supports research on lung tissue repair20 July 2017
Stakeholdersonderzoek voor het Samenwerkingsverband Noord-Nederland17 July 2017
University of Groningen withdraws call for tenders for Feringa Building14 July 2017
Avebe finds fertile land at the Zernike Campus14 July 2017
NWO subsidy for Ben Feringa's Origins Center13 July 2017
Manfred Thoma medal for Ming Cao11 July 2017
Folkert Nobels wins Aart Bosman Award07 July 2017
Mudflats are the solar panels of the Wadden Sea05 July 2017
Countering the effects of sleep deprivation by resetting the molecular clock?05 July 2017
Chemistry class by Nobel Prize winner Feringa for twelve hundred pupils05 July 2017
University of Groningen develops animal-free research method05 July 2017
Alumnus van het Jaar Merel Rumping in Broerstraat 505 July 2017
Groningen Astronomers solve the mystery of cold gas in hot quasars03 July 2017
Ecology insights improve plant biomass degradation by microorganisms21 June 2017
Astronomers see mysterious nitrogen area in a butterfly-shaped star formation disk15 June 2017
Locked movement in molecular motor and rotor01 June 2017
Two Vidi grants awarded worth €800,00030 May 2017
Twee talentvolle RUG-wetenschappers geselecteerd voor Lindau-ontmoetingsdagen van de KNAW24 May 2017
Award for outstanding PhD abroad granted to He18 May 2017
Geslachtsbepalend gen van de huisvlieg ontdekt12 May 2017
Molecular dynamics simulations reveal chaos in electron transport10 May 2017
Five University of Groningen professors elected as members of the KNAW10 May 2017
Dutch researchers join forces to build synthetic cell09 May 2017
Nobel laureate wins prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry prize09 May 2017
Harutyunyan wins prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry award09 May 2017
NWO grant for Prof. Amina Helmi02 May 2017
Faculties and University Council pay working visit to Yantai02 May 2017
Ben Feringa in College Tour on 28 April24 April 2017
Ria Braam Knight of the Order of the Netherlands Lion21 April 2017
Caputi member of new Cosmic Dawn Center (DAWN)20 April 2017
Ben Feringa wins Academic Society Award20 April 2017
New research centre on the origins of life, the universe and everything12 April 2017
‘Heroic’ songbirds rescue each other07 April 2017
ESEB 2017 attracts 1500 scientists to Groningen06 April 2017
Ben Feringa delivers Nobel lecture in De Oosterpoort04 April 2017
Royal Decoration for Theunis Piersma04 April 2017
Two ERC Advanced Grants for UG scientists29 March 2017
120 scholieren strijden ‘Bèta Battle’ bij de RUG28 March 2017
Major grant for the effects of a misregulated biological clock on sleep23 March 2017
Prestigious grant for research into sleep deprivation22 March 2017
Hightech onderneming DEMCON opent vestiging op Zernike Campus14 March 2017
Ben Feringa wins Academic Society Award14 March 2017
Strong warming leads to increases in Arctic rainfall13 March 2017
Royal Decoration for Geny Groothuis10 March 2017
Busy Stargazing Days at Blaauw Observatory07 March 2017
Biomedical Engineering student wins IMDI Talent Prize07 March 2017
Strategic partnership with Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México06 March 2017
Eighteen 'top programmes' in Higher Education Guide Masters28 February 2017
Researchers create a high-performance, low-energy artificial synapse for neural network computing24 February 2017
House of Representatives approves change to Higher Education and Research Act24 February 2017
March 3 and 4: stargazing evenings22 February 2017
Sophisticated optical secrets revealed in glossy buttercup flowers22 February 2017
Millions worth of grants for four Groningen top researchers17 February 2017
EUR1.5 million for greener medicines17 February 2017
Prof. Ton Engbersen: ‘Nederland wil koploper zijn in big data en cognitive computing, maar bestuurders snappen vaak niet wat het is’16 February 2017
Dutch Cancer Foundation (KWF) grant for Dömling15 February 2017
Marie Sklodowska Curie COFUND grant for DSSC!13 February 2017
Prize for Fraaije's video on enzyme research03 February 2017
Efficient demand and supply matching by incentivizing end-users in buildings (MatchIT)01 February 2017
Nieuwe naam voor bèta-faculteit Groningen01 February 2017
First image with Apertif: a new life for the Westerbork radio telescope31 January 2017
Astronomers over the moon with ‘a box full of chocolates’30 January 2017
Two young UG science talents will go abroad with NWO Rubicon grants24 January 2017
Producing radioisotopes using electron accelerators24 January 2017
Prof. Gerard Dijkema obituary, June 25 1962 – January 10 201723 January 2017
How carbohydrates make infant formula more like human breast milk18 January 2017
Joint knowledge helps to control conflicts in the Wadden Sea region11 January 2017
DTEC grant awarded for Visual Storytelling of Big Imaging Data21 December 2016
EU awards FET-Proactive grant to Wouter Roos and seven other European groups21 December 2016
Building Blocks of Life grant for Prof. Onck20 December 2016
STW OTP grant for Rainer Bischoff30 November 2016
Lorentz Graduation Prize for Groningen Student22 November 2016
Unilever Research Prize 2016 for Chemical Engineering student Marte Sveistrup22 November 2016
Prof. Wesley Browne is awarded the KNCV Education Award08 November 2016
iGEM-team wins Gold Medal and 1st place02 November 2016
University of Groningen strengthens technological profile with new centre21 October 2016
Michael J. Fox Foundation Grant for Arjan Kortholt29 September 2016
Prof. Ben Feringa wins the 2016 Tetrahedron Prize09 September 2016
Belcampagne van start voor iGEM-team synthetische biologie02 September 2016
Grote H2020-toekenning voor werk met ‘vlotten’ in bacteriemembraan20 July 2016
Nederland wint zilveren medaille in Zürich20 July 2016
Veni grants awarded15 July 2016
Syuzanna Harutyunyan wins KNCV Gold Medal14 July 2016
Aart Bosman Award won by Thomas Hoeksema01 July 2016
European Control Award for Ming Cao30 June 2016
Dutch Caribbean turtles migrate through risky waters06 June 2016
Young scientists to be trained to analyse Big Data17 May 2016
PhD Rozema Dutch candidate for ECCOMAS award14 April 2016
Newly appointed GELIFES professor, Martien Kas, announces start of major EU project on brain disorders14 April 2016
Biografie J.C. Kapteyn nu ook in het Nederlands13 April 2016
Re-engineering a tiny enzyme09 March 2016
Boek over vijftig jaar Nederlands poolonderzoek01 March 2016
LIFT-project for innovative antibiotics and herbicides23 February 2016
Longfonds en BN'ers dagen uit om onderzoek longreparatie te versnellen16 February 2016
Petra Rudolf elected member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts08 January 2016
Unilever Research Prize for Zwarthoff04 December 2015
New sustainable ways for conversion lignocellulose04 December 2015
Six 'Best science students' of the Netherlands01 December 2015
Taatgen and Trager win Faculty Teaching Award28 November 2015
Professor Taatgen on Dutch televison 25 February25 February 2015
900,000 Euro for developing and testing Alzheimer medicines03 November 2014
Onderzoek naar een geïndividualiseerd behandelplan voor polyfarmacie patiënten en de rol van de openbaar apotheker26 May 2014
New shortcut through nuclear pore complex discovered10 June 2011
Animal Rights Prize to Geny Groothuis26 April 2010
Four million for Systems Biology Centre02 March 2010
Supergist blijkt eersteklas penicillinefabriek17 December 2009
Rubicon-beurs voor Groningse onderzoekers15 December 2009
Blaauw Lecture Prof. Scott Tremaine: New Worlds, the search for planets outside our Solar System24 November 2009
Students of faculty do well in Young Talent prizes20 November 2009
Prof. Jasper Knoester appointed Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences10 November 2009
RUG verwacht 5000 bezoekers op de voorlichtingsdag voor aankomende studenten03 November 2009
RUG verwacht 5000 bezoekers op de voorlichtingsdag voor aankomende studenten03 November 2009
Natuur- onderzoekers duiken in het K.P. Zijlbad28 October 2009
7-8 oktober: Chat-Dagen studiekeuze voor scholieren07 October 2009
7-8 October: Study chat days for Dutch scholars07 October 2009
Read all about it! Tweede editie JONGgeleerd is uit15 September 2009
Groningen University Fund awards for best students01 September 2009
Ministry of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality invests 25 million in research into energy from plants and algae13 July 2009
Prijsuitreiking 28e Nationale Natuurkunde Olympiade16 June 2009
Video impressions: Princess Máxima and Minister Plasterk attended the installation of the Rosalind Franklin Fellows19 May 2009
Grote subsidie voor nieuwe supercomputer voor dataverwerking Lofar19 May 2009
Researchers determine the structure of very efficient light-harvesting antennae in green bacteria13 May 2009
Ruimtetelescoop Herschel volgetankt voor lange ruimtereis06 May 2009
Lustrumsymposium ‘Wat zijn de grenzen van het weten?’24 March 2009
Hasil pertama Program Postdoc KNAW di Indonesia sangat menjanjikan16 February 2009
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