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Antibiotic resistance just became more complex27 December 2016
University of Groningen receives substantial donation for fundamental research22 December 2016
DTEC grant awarded for Visual Storytelling of Big Imaging Data21 December 2016
Building Blocks of Life grant for Prof. Onck20 December 2016
Ben Feringa meets King Willem-Alexander19 December 2016
ERC Consolidator Grant helps Giovanni Maglia develop new diagnostics16 December 2016
New research paper challenges dogma of cell cycle control15 December 2016
Student Roel Boomstra world champion in draughts15 December 2016
Theoretical biologist Franjo Weissing to receive Distinguished Lorentz Fellowship14 December 2016
Katja Loos to lead nanomaterials research programme13 December 2016
Nobel Prize Award Ceremony for Ben Feringa08 December 2016
Special Ben Feringa edition of 'Broerstraat 5'07 December 2016
Looking back on the Nobel lecture: Ben Feringa made an Honorary Citizen of Groningen01 December 2016
STW OTP grant for Rainer Bischoff30 November 2016
Student of Energy and Environmental Studies wins Rachel Carson Thesis Prize28 November 2016
€ 15.1 million for promising physics research23 November 2016
Ben Feringa has been appointed Commander in the Order of the Netherlands Lion23 November 2016
Vision drives cichlid evolution23 November 2016
Lorentz Graduation Prize for Groningen Student22 November 2016
Unilever Research Prize 2016 for Chemical Engineering student Marte Sveistrup22 November 2016
New University of Groningen building named after Nobel Prize laureate Ben Feringa18 November 2016
Surprising finding under the hood of molecular motors17 November 2016
Nine top degree programmes, best traditional, general university15 November 2016
Groningen attractive to international students11 November 2016
Molecular pump reveals its secrets10 November 2016
Prof. Wesley Browne is awarded the KNCV Education Award08 November 2016
iGEM-team wins Gold Medal and 1st place02 November 2016
Mathematical model could help judges marshal their thoughts20 October 2016
Autumn edition Broerstraat 519 October 2016
Research grant from the World Anti-Doping Agency for professor Hidde Haisma18 October 2016
New impetus for treatment neurodegenerative diseases11 October 2016
Nobel Prize for Feringa: looking back on a beautiful day07 October 2016
Celebration ceremony for Nobel Prize winner Feringa06 October 2016
Video: Road to the 2016 Nobel Prize06 October 2016
Nobel Prize for Ben Feringa05 October 2016
Electrically powered nanovehicle05 October 2016
Nobel Prize laureate Feringa: ‘I am still in shock’05 October 2016
Fascinating stories by Groningen biologists in book by Monica Wesseling04 October 2016
Michael J. Fox Foundation Grant for Arjan Kortholt29 September 2016
Free online course on Energy Transition starts October 2427 September 2016
Geoservice and ESRIG nominated for 2016 Dutch Data Prize26 September 2016
Center for Sustainable Antimicrobials in Groningen partner in new research platform22 September 2016
Why bacteria fall asleep21 September 2016
ERC Starting Grant for Pratika Dayal19 September 2016
Presentation ceremony of NWO Spinoza Prizes to Lodi Nauta and Bart van Wees12 September 2016
Prof. Ben Feringa wins the 2016 Tetrahedron Prize09 September 2016
Thom Palstra appointed as Rector Magnificus of the University of Twente06 September 2016
Belcampagne van start voor iGEM-team synthetische biologie02 September 2016
Seagrass restoration threatened by fungi24 August 2016
Marthe Walvoort nominated for title of Greatest Dutch/Flemish Scientific Talent23 August 2016
How sleep deprivation harms memory23 August 2016
Nederland wint zilveren medaille in Zürich20 July 2016
Grote H2020-toekenning voor werk met ‘vlotten’ in bacteriemembraan20 July 2016
Veni grants awarded15 July 2016
Syuzanna Harutyunyan wins KNCV Gold Medal14 July 2016
Two young researchers to top institutes abroad on Rubicon grants11 July 2016
Young Academy Groningen launched05 July 2016
Alweer dramatisch broedseizoen voor grutto03 July 2016
Avebe innovation centre to Groningen01 July 2016
Talented students and researchers in the limelight at University of Groningen Summer Ceremony01 July 2016
Aart Bosman Award won by Thomas Hoeksema01 July 2016
Gijsbert Vonk and Erik Frijlink nominated for Huibregtsen Prize 201630 June 2016
European Control Award for Ming Cao30 June 2016
An app to regulate digital distractions29 June 2016
NWO Spinoza Prizes for Lodi Nauta and Bart van Wees10 June 2016
A chemically powered unidirectional rotary molecular motor based on a palladium redox cycle08 June 2016
Dutch Caribbean turtles migrate through risky waters06 June 2016
Extra rules needed to counter risks posed by ballast water30 May 2016
Discover the unknown during the Night of Art & Science25 May 2016
Young scientists to be trained to analyse Big Data17 May 2016
Nine Vidi grants for top researchers from the University of Groningen and UMCG13 May 2016
Shrinking shorebird pays the bill for rapid Arctic warming while wintering in the tropics13 May 2016
Major Vici grant for Marco Fraaije12 May 2016
Royal Decoration for Jan Visser26 April 2016
UG working hard to develop innovative Zernike Campus25 April 2016
Publication Science: "Cool" combination produces easier carbon bonds22 April 2016
European research on the biological causes of social withdrawal19 April 2016
Alternate non-stop migration strategies of pied flycatchers to cross the Sahara desert14 April 2016
Newly appointed GELIFES professor, Martien Kas, announces start of major EU project on brain disorders14 April 2016
PhD Rozema Dutch candidate for ECCOMAS award14 April 2016
Biografie J.C. Kapteyn nu ook in het Nederlands13 April 2016
Rubicon grant for Pavlo Gordiichuk11 April 2016
MOOC on Energy Transition starts April 25th01 April 2016
Broerstraat 5 over macht en onmacht van de EU, het belang van energierecht en verstoring van de darmflora door maagzuurremmers30 March 2016
First PhD defence on Frisian campus: Extracting nutrients from the sewer29 March 2016
Two ERC Advanced Grants24 March 2016
Gluons as a source of left-right asymmetries24 March 2016
NWO allocates € 1.25 million to sustainable energy projects at University of Groningen23 March 2016
Big Data research provides quicker World Cup football playback15 March 2016
Re-engineering a tiny enzyme09 March 2016
Nine 'top programmes', thirteen first places in Higher Education Guide Masters02 March 2016
More integrated measures against Suzuki fruitfly02 March 2016
Boek over vijftig jaar Nederlands poolonderzoek01 March 2016
LIFT-project for innovative antibiotics and herbicides23 February 2016
Rijksuniversiteit Groningen treedt toe tot samenwerkingsverband Nikhef19 February 2016
Longfonds en BN'ers dagen uit om onderzoek longreparatie te versnellen16 February 2016
Bijna 2 miljoen euro subsidie voor nieuw datacentrum ruimtesonde Euclid11 February 2016
Computer software helps police fight child pornography02 February 2016
Niels Taatgen elected Lecturer of the Year28 January 2016
University of Groningen researcher Jeanine Olsen publishes seagrass genome in Nature27 January 2016
European research grant awarded to Karina Caputi26 January 2016
Genome of the flowering plant that returned to the sea26 January 2016
Three young researchers to top institutes abroad on Rubicon grants11 January 2016
Petra Rudolf elected member of the European Academy of Sciences and Arts08 January 2016
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