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Significant grant for new Euclid Satellite data centre21 December 2012
Celebration 25 year Dutch Institute of Systems and Control, January 16, Bernoulliborg19 December 2012
Top Master Programme in Nanoscience assessed as excellent19 December 2012
Midwinternacht in Blaauw Sterrenwacht18 December 2012
Groningse biologen komende maanden naar Antarctica13 December 2012
Jonge RUG-onderzoeker Jacek Mika met NWO-Rubicon naar buitenland12 December 2012
Zes aanmoedigingsprijzen voor jong talent30 November 2012
Royal decoration for Herbert Löhner30 November 2012
GreenMindAward for a sustainable Bernoulliborg30 November 2012
FOM honoreert onderzoek van biofysicus Antoine van Oijen23 November 2012
Telomere length can predict life expectancy in nature20 November 2012
Nieuwe toppers voor De Jonge Akademie20 November 2012
EUR 26.9 million for research into molecular self-assembly15 November 2012
University of Groningen investigates the future of KVI activities15 November 2012
American Medal for University of Groningen Materials Researcher14 November 2012
The evolution of animal husbandry by ants13 November 2012
Men and women battle for ideal height12 November 2012
Groningen iGEM team world champion06 November 2012
Groningen iGEM team is world champion06 November 2012
University of Groningen graduates highly valued by labour market02 November 2012
Extra aandacht voor talentvolle scholieren30 October 2012
New carbon-14 data provides a more accurate picture of prehistory19 October 2012
ERC Advanced Grant for astronomer Raffaella Morganti17 October 2012
Oktober Kennismaand: Zpannend Zernike09 October 2012
Groningse sterrenkundige Joost Adema vanavond in Labyrint TV03 October 2012
NWO grant for Netherlands Research School of Chemical Biology29 September 2012
Clever reproduction strategy makes dwarf eelgrass resilient28 September 2012
Twee nominaties Rachel Carson scriptieprijs voor IVEM studenten26 September 2012
Winner Heineken Prize to visit Groningen20 September 2012
Fireworks in the early universe14 September 2012
Demand for agricultural land continues to rise13 September 2012
NWO Grant for Graduate School of Science for talented young scientists07 September 2012
RUG aanwezig op zomerfestivals14 August 2012
9 augustus 2012: Plastic zonnecel pionier Kees Hummelen debatteert in Club Ziggo06 August 2012
Invitation NWO Information meeting Veni, Vidi, Vici03 August 2012
How to avoid traps in plastic electronics30 July 2012
How to avoid traps in plastic electronics30 July 2012
Dertien Veni-subsidies voor Groningse onderzoekers24 July 2012
Dertien Veni-subsidies voor Groningse onderzoekers24 July 2012
Faster drug development thanks to RNA wrap23 July 2012
Two ERC Starting Grants in the Life Science domain17 July 2012
Weak light can now be used for applications as well16 July 2012
Elise Roze best University of Groningen student 201210 July 2012
Jonge RUG-onderzoeker met Rubiconbeurs naar het buitenland04 July 2012
Negende Vidi toegekend aan RUG-onderzoeker04 July 2012
Greater understanding of artificial photosynthesis02 July 2012
Indian ambassador visits Faculty27 June 2012
First Honours degree certificate ceremony26 June 2012
Superior spin transport in graphene hammocks25 June 2012
Heineken Young Scientists Award voor Tjisse van der Heide19 June 2012
This week in Science: Seagrasses survive thanks to subterranean symbiosis15 June 2012
Three ERC Starting Grants awarded13 June 2012
2.3 million Euro NWO Large subsidy for TU Delft, RUG and TU/e to build innovative neutron microscope12 June 2012
Public lecture on Escher and the Droste effect12 June 2012
Dijkhuizen in top three Most entrepreneurial scientist of the Netherlands12 June 2012
Two Brazilian Science without Borders grants for cooperation with the Universidade de São Paulo07 June 2012
Magnetisch zuurstof gedraagt zich als overgangsmetaal01 June 2012
Apes may not build coalitions on the basis of rational calculation31 May 2012
Four Vidi grants awarded30 May 2012
Venus voor de Zon, Rijksuniversiteit Groningen organiseert waarneemactie21 May 2012
RUG team takes 1st place in international robotic fish competition21 May 2012
Universal mechanism behind day-night rhythm16 May 2012
RUG launches online video magazine Unifocus16 May 2012
€ 1.3 M in chemistry grants for RUG researchers16 May 2012
'Vogelbescherming' and WWF-NL fund new chair in migratory bird ecology14 May 2012
Eric Mazur: Confessions of a converted lecturer11 May 2012
Doorbraak voor plastic zonnecellen11 May 2012
Eric Mazur's Recorded Confessions of a converted lecturer11 May 2012
33 to 66 road fatalities each year due to medication affecting driving performance10 May 2012
Vote for water: wie wint 't watertappunt?09 May 2012
Live stream lecture by Prof. Eric Mazur: Confessions of a converted lecturer09 May 2012
Bacteria: masters of compromise08 May 2012
Molecular motor’s ‘power stroke’ in focus07 May 2012
Verhaal van de grutto voor hoofd en hart opent jubileumcongres Wereld Natuur Fonds04 May 2012
New enzymes for the environmentally friendly production of amino acids04 May 2012
Genetic engineering for degradation of TCP in groundwater03 May 2012
Transatlantic conference on Global Online Freedom & Corporate Responsibility in Washington and Brussels02 May 2012
International award for paper Prof. Michael Biehl01 May 2012
Belang mosselbanken in de Waddenzee veel groter dan vermoed01 May 2012
Upgrade jezelf met wetenschap in ‘ENHANCE ME!?27 April 2012
Secondary school students’ plastic solar cells win an international silver27 April 2012
Cino del Duca award for organic chemist Feringa23 April 2012
Affective music player is perfect DJ18 April 2012
Much more farmland needed to feed the world17 April 2012
Multitasking not always efficient and demands choices17 April 2012
Symposium Carbohydrate Competence Center16 April 2012
University of Groningen awards Green Mind Award 2012 for the most sustainable idea12 April 2012
Junior Presentation Award 2012 for Vos10 April 2012
Nieuw onderzoek naar positieve werking foliumzuur04 April 2012
Buitenlandervaring met NWO-Rubicon03 April 2012
Foreign students: University of Groningen the best02 April 2012
Chemical notion supported by physics - Kees Hummelen: ‘Now things really get interesting’27 March 2012
Quantum mechanical switching at room temperature26 March 2012
How bacteria take shape23 March 2012
Groningen Biology student wins National Geographic award22 March 2012
Dairy cows have individual temperaments21 March 2012
Female blue tit selects male with lots of immune genes20 March 2012
Galaxies Get Up Close and Personal07 March 2012
Hibernators show Alzheimer’s-like brain changes06 March 2012
Betere afspraken tussen vaksecties kunnen wiskundig inzicht leerlingen vergroten05 March 2012
Hiding behaviour of the scrub jay: more stress than smarts?02 March 2012
Shape of receptor predicts side effects of Parkinson’s drug01 March 2012
Zes NWO-subsidies 'middelgroot' voor RUG en UMCG29 February 2012
Isotope smearing opens way to new climate archive29 February 2012
More power from plastic solar cells24 February 2012
Magnetische informatie blijft langer behouden in gegroeid grafeen23 February 2012
Heeft u uw voorstel voor Bessensap 2012 al ingediend?22 February 2012
Chronobiologe Martha Merrow in het wetenschapsprogramma Labyrint21 February 2012
Fifty feral cats on Schiermonnikoog20 February 2012
Health risks in living environment determine evolution of immune system20 February 2012
Magnetic currents in graphene now simple to detect20 February 2012
Open Day on Location at the University of Groningen14 February 2012
Nanoscale cooling element can be controlled magnetically07 February 2012
Picchioni wins RUG Audience and Web Awards06 February 2012
Prestigious Vici grants for three top researchers from Groningen31 January 2012
Lack of sleep causes hippocampus to shrink26 January 2012
Colour predicts toxicity poison frog23 January 2012
Novel urine test for adrenal cancer23 January 2012
Nature article: unique test of dark matter theory possible thanks to gravitational lens analysis19 January 2012
Succesvolle werving van toptalenten en subsidies door onderzoeksinstituut ERIBA10 January 2012

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