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Metabolomics and bioanalysis of terpenoid derived secondary metabolites

04 September 2015

Analysis of Cannabis sativa L. metabolite production and prenylases for cannabinoid production

PhD ceremony:

drs. R. Muntendam


September 11, 2015




prof. dr. W.J. (Wim) Quax


Academy building RUG


Mathematics and Natural Sciences

Cannabinoid research has gained a renenewed interest by both the public and scientist. Focus is mainly directed to the medicinal activities, as reported for various cannabinoid structures. The thesis of Remco Muntendam focusses on prenyl-derived secondary metabolites with main focus on cannabinoids.

Firstly the production patterns and production location were investigated for standardiozed cultivated medicinal Cannabis sativa variants. Metabolic profiling discriminated variants during the complete cultivation. Moreover, the densities and plant distribution of three classes of trichoma were reported and analyzed for their cannabinoid profile.

Next an alternative enzyme for, the major cannabinoid precursor, cannabigerolic acid production was investigated. By providing a new hypothesis for the prenylation mechanism, evidence is provided for activity improvement on important substrates for cannabinoid production.

Last the potential of Xanthophyllomyces dendrorhous to produce terpene derived compounds after recombinant engineering was proven. The reported results linked production levels to enzyme levels and indicated the potential of this yeast to elevated production levels.

Observation made within these thesis support further analytical research performed on cannabinoids. Furthermore it provides the basis for recombinant cannabinoid production by providing screening techniques for cannabinoid profiling and insights into the mechanism of cannabinoid precursor production.


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