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Huge stimulus for innovation in Groningen

Investment fund for innovative businesses officially launched
11 September 2015

The University of Groningen and the University Medical Center Groningen (UMCG) have taken the initiative for a new investment fund for innovative spin-offs generated by the University and/or the UMCG. The businesses need to be involved the main focus areas of the University and the UMCG: life sciences/healthy ageing, energy and sustainable society. The official launch party for the fund was held this morning. The fund, called Carduso Capital, contains € 16 million. Investors in the fund include the University of Groningen, the UMCG, Investeringsfonds Groningen [Groningen investment fund], the Northern Netherlands Development Agency (NOM), and the De Friesland Zorgverzekeraar’s De Friesland Participatiefonds [Friesland Participation Fund]. Carduso is currently in advanced negotiations with another major investor.  

Invest in young companies

Knowledge institutions involved in academic research really benefit from economic support when spin-off businesses are launched. In turn, these businesses generate jobs and strengthen the economy. Carduso Capital considers it important to invest in young and/or innovative businesses at the start of their development, when sometimes their product has not even been brought to market yet but they have developed sound technology. By investing in new companies right from the start, the fund aims to attract other investors to contribute.


The initiators of Carduso Capital are delighted that the investment fund has been launched.

Vice President of the Board of the University of Groningen Jan de Jeu says, ‘We want this fund to strengthen the climate in which new entrepreneurs can grow and flourish. Generating good ideas through research alone is not enough, just as money alone is not enough. The ball only starts rolling once promising initiatives and money are brought together. Carduso Capital can make a substantial contribution to this and be a stimulus for both the northern and the national economy.’

Provincial Executive member for Entrepreneurship and Innovation of the Province of Groningen Patrick Brouns sees Carduso Capital as a possible motor for job creation. ‘By investing in a fund for innovative technology companies, these northern partners are indicating that they see opportunities to create new jobs in the innovation sector. With a funding capacity of at least € 26 million, Carduso will be an important investor that can convert the knowledge in the Groningen science cluster centred around the University and the UMCG into commercially viable products, processes or services. The fund will be a very important stimulator of new economic activity in the region.’

Note for the press:

Please contact Frits Kok of Carduso Capital for more information: tel. 06-53751211

The initiators of Carduso Capital.
The initiators of Carduso Capital.
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