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Groningen BCN graduate wins thesis award

22 December 2015

The jury of the Dutch MSc Thesis Award for Cognitive Neurosciences has unanimously decided to award the prize for the best thesis of 2014-15 to Daan Wesselink of our Master’s programme in Behavioural Cognitive Neurosciences (BCN). All students of the eight Cognitive Neurosciences programmes in the Netherlands can compete for this award.

Wesselink’s thesis is entitled ‘Digit topography in the visual cortex’ . Besides the prize money of €800, Wesselink will receive the opportunity to publish a paper on his research for the general public in Psyche&Brein and get assistance in preparing a submission on his work for the Scientific American.

The annual Thesis Award is granted since 2011. Since then it has been awarded to a Groningen BCN student twice.

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