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Scientists in focus

Adriaenssen, Dr Han Thomas

Late-mediaeval and early-modern Philosophy, Descartes

Aleman, Prof. André

Neuroimaging, neurosciences, hallucinations, hearing voices

Allers, Prof. Maarten

Public finance, local government economics

Andringa, Dr Tjeerd
Artificial intelligence, sound recognition by computers, robots
Barthel, Prof. Peter

Astronomy, astrophysics

Bastiaanse, Prof. Roelien
Linguistics, neurolinguistics, aphasia, brain damage and language
Batstra, Dr Laura

Child and youth psychiatry, Diagnostics, ADHD

Bezemer, Prof. Dirk

Monetary and financial economics, development economics, agricultural economics

Bockting, Prof. Claudi

Depressions, mental healthcare

Brakman, Prof. Steven

International economics and trade, globalization

Broersma, Prof. Marcel
Journalism, journalistic forms and styles, the relationship between press and politics
Brookhuis, Prof. Karel
Traffic psychology, behaviour in traffic
Brouwer, Prof. Jan
Jurisdiction, public order, national legislation
Bruin, Prof. Boudewijn de

Financial ethics

Buitelaar, Prof. Marjo

Islam and daily life, Muslims in diaspora

Cao, Prof. Ming

Autonomous robots, multi-agent systems

Dehue, Prof. Trudy
History of Science (Psychology), depression & the pharmaceutical industry, mental health
De Roo, Prof. Gert
Planning, use and design of space and environment
De Waard, Prof. Dick

Traffic psychology, safe and unsafe behaviour in traffic

Dijkhuizen, Prof. Lubbert

Microbiology, carbohydrates

Dijkstra, Dr Jan Kornelis

Status, antisocial behaviour, risk behaviour, adolescence, social networks

Dijkstra, Prof. Arie

Addictions, stopping smoking, health psychology

Draaisma, Prof. Douwe
Memory, autobiographical memory, old age, neurology
Elhorst, Prof. Paul
Regional economics, unemployment
Faaij, Prof. André

Biobased economy, renewable energy technologies, energy, environmental sciences

Fennis, Prof. Bob
Advertising, marketing, communication, influencing consumers
Feringa, Prof. Ben
Nanotechnology, synthetic organic chemistry
Fraaije, Prof. Marco

Enzyme engineering, redox enzymology, biocatalysis

Franke, Prof. Lude

Statistical genetics, bioinfomatics

Frijlink, Prof. Erik

Dosage forms and biopharmaceutical aspects of drugs

Garretsen, Prof. Harry

Monetary, international and regional economics

Hacquebord, Prof. Louwrens
History and development of the Arctic region, Polar studies, gas, oil and coal mining in the Arctic regions
Haisma, Prof. Hidde
Gene therapy, gene doping, prodrugs
Halbertsma, Prof. Tjalling

East Asia, in particular Mongolia

Helmi, Prof. Amina
Astronomy, astro-archaeology, formation of the Milky Way
Hemelrijk, Prof. Charlotte

Behavioural biology, self-organization in primates, birds, fish

Hendriks, Prof. Petra
Linguistics, semantics, the meaning of language, communication
Herber, Prof. Rien

Geo-energy, CO2, fossil fuels, sustainable energy

Herrmann, Prof. Andreas

Chemistry, bioengineering, materials science

Hertogh, Prof. Marc

Public trust in law and jurisdiction, sociology of law

Huckriede, Prof. Anke

Vaccines and vaccinations, infectious diseases

Hummelen, Prof. Kees
Plastic solar cells, organic energy and fuels, sustainable energy, materials science
Jansen, Prof. Ritsert
Talent development and acquiring grants; bio-informatics
Janssen, Dr Fanny

Population, mortality and health

Janssen, Prof. Marleen
Deafblindness, orthopedagogy, multiple disabilities
Jeronimus, Dr Bertus

Personality, feelings of happiness, psychological impact corona virus

Jolij, Dr Jacob

Perception, neuroscience, psychology

Kalverboer, Prof. Margrite Kalverboer
Youth care, underage asylum seekers, children’s rights
Kamperman, Prof. Marleen

Polymers, new materials based on nature

Keijzer, Prof. Merel

Bilingualism, cognitive ageing

Kleingeld, Prof. Pauline

Ethics, political philosophy, Immanuel Kant, Kantianism, philosophical cosmopolitanism

Koning, Prof. Ruud
Sports sciences, statistics & probability, economics and sports economics
Kuiper, Prof. Yme
Anthropology of religion, elites, leadership
Kuipers, Prof. Oscar
Molecular genetics, synthetic biology
Lansdorp, Prof. Peter
Ageing, Healthy Ageing
Loi, Prof. Maria Antonietta

Solar cells, interaction of light with matter

Loonen, Dr Maarten

Polar research, Arctic ecology

Loos, Prof. Katja

Polymer chemistry, applied chemistry, multidisciplinary materials science

Meijer, Prof. Harro
Climate change, greenhouse gases, isotope physics
Metting, dr. Esther

Psychology, epidemiology, health and technology (eHealth)

Mierau, Prof. Jochen

Public health economics and health disparities

Mulder, Prof. Machiel

Economics of regulating network industries, in particular the energy industry

Nauta, Prof. Lodi

History of Philosophy, in particular Middle Ages, Renaissance and Enlightenment

Noheda Pinagua, Prof. Beatriz

Material science, ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials

Nollen, Dr Ellen
Alzheimer’s, proteins, DNA, medical genetics
Oldehinkel, Prof. Tineke

Psychiatry, biological psychology, developmental psychology

Oldenhuis, Prof. Fokko

Religion and law, church and state

Olff, Prof. Han

ecology, biodiversity, nature management, nature protection, sustainable landscapes

Otten, Prof. Bert
Neuromechanics, prosthetics
Otto, Prof. Sijbren

Systems chemistry, origins of life, catalysis, supramolecular chemistry

Piersma, Prof. Theunis
Migratory birds, godwits, animal ecology
Poolman, Prof. Bert

Synthetic biology, enzymology, membrane biology

Popović, Prof. Mladen
Dead Sea Scrolls
Postmes, Prof. Tom
Group behavior, collective behavior, conflict, social identity and communication technology
Rauws, Dr Ward

Urban and regional planning, transformation of cities, self-governance in neighbourhoods

Reitz-Joosse, Dr Bettina

Classical Latin literature, relationship between text and material culture in the Roman world

Rink, Prof. Floor

Diversity, hierarchical differentiation in groups, employee mobility, management board regulation

Roest, Prof. Diederik

String theory, cosmology

Romeijn, Prof. Jan-Willem
Probability, philosophy of science
Roorda, Dr Berend

Freedom of assembly, public order

Scherpen, Prof. Jacquelien

Applied mathematics, smart grids, energy, robotics

Scheurink, Prof. Anton

Hormones and the brain, energy balance, eating disorders and addiction

Schomaker, Prof. Lambert

Automatic handwriting analysis, robotics, learning software

Sierksma, Prof. Gerard
Sport and science, statistics, mathematics
Sloot, Professor Laurens M.

Entrepreneurship in retailing, retail marketing, brand marketing

Spek, Prof. Theo
History of landscape, geography
Spierdijk, Prof. Laura

Pensions, Insurance and Finance

Stamhuis, Dr Eize

Biomimetics (technological applications based on examples taken from nature)

Steg, Prof. Linda

Interaction between people and their environment, environmentally-friendly behaviour

Stoker, Prof. Janka
Leadership, organizational change
Strijker, Prof. Dirk
Agriculture, rural development, agriculture economics and policy
Taatgen, Prof. Niels
Multitasking, human behaviour
Timmer, Prof. Marcel

International economics and production chains, world trade

Timmerman, Prof. Greetje
Youth, socialization of young people, gender
Toebes, Dr Brigit

International law, health law

Van den Berg, Prof. Agnes

Nature, perception of nature, environmental psychology

Van den Berg, Prof. Caspar

Politics and governance, tension between the city and countryside and differences between regions

Van der Vlist, Prof. Arno
Real estate, property, house prices
Van Dijk, Prof. Jouke
Regional economics and the labour market
Van Heusden, Prof. Barend

Culture and Cognition, art and art education

Van Koningsbrugge, Prof. Hans

Russia, relations between Russia and the Netherlands and the West

Van Tol, Dr Marie-José

Psychiatric disorders, causes of depression

Van Wees, Bart

Quantum electronic transport, graphene, nanoelectronics, spintronics

Van Yperen, Prof. Nico

Mental aspects of sport and performance, performance motivation and talent development

Veening, Prof. Jan Willem

Molecular genetics, bacteriology, medical microbiology

Veenstra, Prof. René
Bullying, adolescents, social behaviour, friendship
Verhoef, Prof. Peter

Marketing, retailing, sustainable behaviour

Vis, Prof. Iris

Dean of Industry Relations; Distribution networks, port logistics, service operations (e.g., libraries)

Visscher, Prof. Chris
Youth sport, talent recognition and talent development
Voerman, Prof. Gerrit
Political parties, elections, populism
Vols, Prof. Michel

Public order law, approaches to (housing-related) anti-social behaviour, street nuisance and rogue landlords / slumlords

Vonk, Prof. Gijsbert

Social security, poverty, migration, socioeconomic law

Von Stuckrad, Prof. Kocku

Religious identity, history of religion, natural sciences & religion

Walvoort, Dr Marthe

Carbohydrate molecules, carbohydrate chains, chemistry

Wieling, Dr Martijn

Linguistics, articulography, dialectometry

Wijmenga, Prof. Cisca

Genetics, Inflammation-related chronic diseases

Wilson, Dr Erin

Religion, international relations

Winter, Prof. Heinrich
Refugee and immigration law, supervision and enforcement, administrative law
Wortmann, Prof. Hans

Smart technology, healthy ageing, home automation, IT in care

Zock, Prof. Hetty

Psychology of religion, spiritual care, migration, culture and identity

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