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Adriaenssen, Dr Han Thomas

Han Thomas Adriaenssen
Han Thomas Adriaenssen

Han Thomas Adriaenssen is an assistant professor at the Faculty of Philosophy. He specializes in the history of epistemology and cognitive psychology, more specifically the work of mediaeval and early modern philosophers including Thomas of Aquino and René Descartes. Adriaenssen wrote a book about the mediaeval roots of René Descartes’ ideas. He also gave lectures about the importance of studying lesser-known thinkers alongside the more famous philosophers.

Han Thomas Adriaenssen manages to explain seemingly difficult philosophical problems in clear and simple terms. He was elected Lecturer of the Year in the Faculty of Philosophy three times: in 2010, 2012 and 2013. In addition to his teaching activities at the University, Adriaenssen also gives philosophy workshops to secondary school pupils.

Adriaenssen graduated in Philosophy and Italian in Groningen and Siena (both cum laude (with distinction)), and spent time studying in Saint Petersburg. In 2008, he was awarded a Top Talent grant by NWO and obtained a PhD (again cum laude) in 2013 with a thesis about scepticism and representation.

Han Thomas Adriaenssen has been a member of the Young Academy Groningen since 2016. His responsibilities include academic policy and stimulating interdisciplinary research projects.

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