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Meijering, Prof. Louise

Louise Meijering
Louise Meijering

Prof. Louise Meijering studied regional geography at the University of Groningen, where she also obtained her PhD. Currently, she holds a chair in Health Geography and is leading a research programme on the wellbeing of older people in relation to mobility and place-bound identification. She is researching the mobility of older people and experiences of place and identity in cases of acquired brain damage, as well as the multiple dimensions of wellbeing in older people. Her work is interdisciplinary, at the interface of geography, gerontology, and public heath, as our environment influences people's wellbeing. Meijering is mainly focused on exploring what this relationship exactly entails, and how we can arrange our (semi-)public spaces so that they contribute to the general wellbeing of their users.

As from April 2019, Meijering has been working together with her research team on the prestigious European project Meaningful Mobility. The aim of the project is to develop and use a new approach to explain the relationship between mobility and wellbeing in elderly people. Furthermore, she is leading the Dutch part of the COORDINATES project on the living environment of elderly people with memory issues.

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