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Technology to support decision making about aging at home

Most older adults prefer to stay at home as long as possible. Effective self-management for people losing autonomy depends on reliable monitoring of their mobility, health and safety and active implication in decision-making. This information could support older adults, their caregivers and healthcare professionals in shared decision making (SDM) about housing options.


  1. Assess autonomy and mobility of older adults with early-stage dementia living at home
  2. Inform SDM processes about housing options for all those involved.
More Years Better Lives
More Years Better Lives


A 3-year multiple-case, mixed-methods study in the Netherlands. We will a) use mixed methods to assess autonomy and mobility of 20 older adults in their homes and neighborhoods; b) with end-users, co-design an enhanced version of a health tracking platform; and c) use mixed methods to assess use of enhanced platform and larger feasibility survey. This is part of a project that is carried out in three countries at the same time: Canada, Sweden, and the Netherlands. Data is collected in parallel in all countries, and triangulated to provide a comparison between different contexts.


Self-reported and objectively measured data about mobility and health changes in older adults with early-stage dementia, living at home in the Netherlands as compared to other contexts; factors influencing potential uptake; instructions and recommendations for implementation; information for SDM about housing options among end-users, including policy makers.

Couple listening to music
Couple listening to music
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