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Countering the effects of sleep deprivation by resetting the molecular clock?05 July 2017
New legislation to address ‘neighbours from hell’28 June 2017
Exhibition 'Gelukkig Gezond!: Histories of Healthy Ageing' draws attention from national media22 June 2017
Happy and Healthy! Histories of Healthy Ageing21 June 2017
Voice perception research using a robot14 June 2017
Make use of diversity among the elderly when designing neighbourhoods07 June 2017
University Library City Centre Open Day31 May 2017
Teaching robots to cooperate24 May 2017
PhD student develops doubly sustainable alternative to polyester23 May 2017
Small-scale group teaching: subgroup formation based on performance17 May 2017
PhD student develops doubly sustainable alternative to polyester10 May 2017
New way to keep at-risk youth on the straight and narrow03 May 2017
Student entrepreneurs introduce improved cervical cancer screening26 April 2017
How can you select the best students?19 April 2017
A healthy working life for young people of working age12 April 2017
Data marketing while preserving customer confidentiality05 April 2017
Art up for auction at the University of Groningen29 March 2017
Trendy teaching pack makes school pupils enthusiastic about logistics22 March 2017
Top-level research reveals secrets of distant galaxies thanks to an ERC grant15 March 2017
Living near a motorway – unremittingly negative, or sometimes positive?08 March 2017
Format of TV show determines choice of political guests06 March 2017
Who wrote the text? Computer identifies language user01 March 2017
The effect of automation on our standard of living22 February 2017
Your pupil doesn't miss a beat15 February 2017
Migration and the Dutch welfare state08 February 2017
Groningen discoveries take centre stage at Nobel Science exhibition01 February 2017
Learning through exercise18 January 2017
Can pupil behaviour predict depression?11 January 2017
Christmas and the meaning of church music14 December 2016
Three UG researchers join De Jonge Akademie12 December 2016
Stress influences the performance of athletes07 December 2016
Fish thrive in the right kind of light30 November 2016
Stagnating global trade partly caused by decreased fragmentation of production chains25 November 2016
War on Drugs: shutting down drug dens and homes23 November 2016
Vision drives cichlid evolution23 November 2016
New I Shop has been opened16 November 2016
‘Dietary advice too strongly based on health message’09 November 2016
US presidential elections: increase in anti-Latino racism02 November 2016
Sweet on sugars and research26 October 2016
University of Groningen strengthens technological profile with new centre21 October 2016
Rapper 2Pac played with his accent to create a new identity19 October 2016
Robots as problem-solvers in production lines12 October 2016
Robots as problem-solvers in production lines12 October 2016
Fascinating stories by Groningen biologists in book by Monica Wesseling05 October 2016
Electrically powered nanovehicle05 October 2016
Terp dwellers had a varied menu28 September 2016
Students send secure messages via bacteria21 September 2016
Teachers possibly under-equipped for addressing bullying14 September 2016
The potato - from tuber to seed07 September 2016
The potato - from tuber to seed07 September 2016
Rediscovery of fascist message for the future31 August 2016
Shaping the law of the future24 August 2016
Philosopher of language explores differences between texts20 July 2016
New kiting technique generates energy from ‘calm’ water06 July 2016
An app to regulate digital distractions29 June 2016
Older people deal with emotions at work better than their younger colleagues22 June 2016
Montagu’s harrier as a barometer for nature conservation15 June 2016
Improving ‘shopping experience’ can save traditional shopping chains in the struggle with webshops08 June 2016
New approach required for people with an eye condition01 June 2016
Challenging behaviour in people with profound intellectual disabilities can be prevented25 May 2016
Janka Stoker appointed to external evaluation commission DNB and AFM19 May 2016
Innovative training device optimizes Paralympian wheelchair use18 May 2016
Vidi research grant for Floor Rink13 May 2016
Lung patients made sick in a good cause11 May 2016
Sustainable alternative to fossil fuels and chemicals in the making.28 April 2016
Groningen the centre of new antibiotic development20 April 2016
Journalism students develop news app for the functionally illiterate13 April 2016
Virtual tour of cultural heritage site Palmyra  06 April 2016
Attractive natural areas push up house prices30 March 2016
From creative idea to innovation: how does that work?23 March 2016
Video Bernard Nijstad | From creative idea to innovation: how does that work?23 March 2016
University Library presents historical treasures online16 March 2016
Students and Noorderbrug clients present a photo exhibition about their worlds09 March 2016
More integrated measures against Suzuki fruitfly02 March 2016
University of Groningen to start first online academic course for children24 February 2016
University of Groningen to start Master’s track in Digital Humanities17 February 2016
Property values rise after redevelopment of industrial heritage10 February 2016
Exergame for seniors trains balance03 February 2016
Working at full stretch to recycle rubber03 February 2016
University of Groningen researcher Jeanine Olsen publishes seagrass genome in Nature27 January 2016
Cheaper way to manage library holdings20 January 2016
Sharing a house: making it work13 January 2016
Declare your love for your favourite natural area06 January 2016
PhD student creates recyclable rubber (video)16 December 2015
Fewer solo accidents thanks to simple adjustments to the verge09 December 2015
Chaotic environment leads to pursuit of clear goals02 December 2015
RUG spin-off company reduces energy consumption by up to 35%25 November 2015
New way to prevent injuries to anterior cruciate ligament18 November 2015
School closure does not affect depopulating village11 November 2015
Student wants to design app to prevent tooth decay in children04 November 2015
‘Hidden’ data now available to everyone28 October 2015
Research on 'dark tourism'and emotions gets a boost - Dorina Buda21 October 2015
Better soundscapes can reduce problem behaviour21 October 2015
Research on ‘dark tourism’ and emotions gets a boost14 October 2015
Northern businesses benefit from student creativity05 October 2015
A new approach to nuisance neighbours30 September 2015
Successful meeting 'Innovating & Improving Together': students advise SMEs [video]29 September 2015
New calculation cluster offers researchers new opportunities23 September 2015
Social media not a universal cure for all elderly16 September 2015
‘Wave’ sends information through magnet14 September 2015
Debbie Lager: "Older people need to feel at home in their neighbourhood"10 September 2015
Older people need to feel at home in their neighbourhood09 September 2015
Energy Academy Europe to provide education in Mozambique26 August 2015
Korean students visit Summer School19 August 2015
Reporting on remote global events influences local group relationships12 August 2015
Our Neighbourhood Sustainable by 2030 – How?05 August 2015
How accurate is our perception?29 July 2015
Man and animals grow closer in wartime22 July 2015
Groningen starts pilot on preventing language deficiency in children15 July 2015
Experiences of youth in care do not meet their needs08 July 2015
René Veenstra nominated for the Huibregtsen Prize 201507 July 2015
Bacteria generate ’blue energy’01 July 2015
Landscape biography of the Drentsche Aa24 June 2015
The first aphasia tests on a tablet17 June 2015
Spinozapremie Cisca Wijmenga15 June 2015
New approach to the burial culture of terp dwellers03 June 2015
New free online course: Why do we age?27 May 2015
Largest Dutch polar expedition in history19 May 2015
New research centre: In the LEAD13 May 2015
‘Health legislation in developing countries must be improved’06 May 2015
Global trade and income inequality29 April 2015
Children benefit from asymmetry in the playground22 April 2015
Negative momentum detrimental to athletes15 April 2015
Video: Bachelor’s degree in Media Studies starts at University of Groningen08 April 2015
Free online course on religion and conflict01 April 2015
Video game helps people with prostheses25 March 2015
Video Unifocus: one million for Serengeti research18 March 2015
Unifocus video: University of Groningen students learn how to be entrepreneurs11 March 2015
Unifocus video: Debunking the myths of left and right-handedness04 March 2015
Unifocus video: Online Dutch course global hit25 February 2015
Towards a 'green' soft drinks bottle18 February 2015
Students uncover stories11 February 2015
Unifocus video: Innovation makes wastewater treatment more sustainable and cheaper04 February 2015
Unifocus video: Pilot plant for green economy28 January 2015
Unifocus: Trainee Curator programme21 January 2015
Annual review 201417 December 2014
New videos Unifocus: Suzanne Täuber, Mindfulness for informal carers and Spying on animals03 December 2014
Spying on animals03 December 2014
Mindfulness for informal carers03 December 2014
17 Rosalind Franklin Fellows03 December 2014
New videos Unifocus: harvesting energy from waves; the birth of the plastic solar cell; a special beadle's staff19 November 2014
The symbol of the Imperial University19 November 2014
The birth of the plastic solar cell19 November 2014
Ocean grazer rules the waves19 November 2014
New videos Unifocus: Deafblindness, succes for protein researcher Slotboom and Tomorrow's Home05 November 2014
Success for protein researcher05 November 2014
Living, care and smart technology05 November 2014
The mission of Marleen Janssen05 November 2014
New videos Unifocus: Meet the Dutch, demographer Fanny Janssen and Bethlehem's star in Groningen23 October 2014
The most discussed star22 October 2014
The person behind the figures22 October 2014
Curious about the Dutch?22 October 2014
The Hotspotmonitor08 October 2014
Learning to choose a degree programme08 October 2014
Bailiff 2.0: helpful motivator08 October 2014
New Unifocus video's: Students design a smart bandage; Studying Multilingualism; The social impact of watching a dance performance24 September 2014
The social impact of watching a dance performance24 September 2014
Studying multilingualism24 September 2014
Students design a smart bandage24 September 2014
Goody-goodies and soy butter10 September 2014
Giving molecules a new twist10 September 2014
First free online University of Groningen course10 September 2014
Welcome to Geo Services!27 August 2014
Filming ultrarapid dynamics in molecules27 August 2014
Unique light sculpture for University anniversary27 August 2014
A hanging garden13 August 2014
The meaning of heroes13 August 2014
Efficient plastic solar cells13 August 2014
From the shadows02 July 2014
Fast cells02 July 2014
Chinese students studying Dutch02 July 2014
COELO: Municipal redivision is not saving any money27 June 2014
The oldest seeds in the world18 June 2014
An app to help you eat healthily18 June 2014
NWO Spinoza Prize for Theunis Piersma18 June 2014
Please in my backyard04 June 2014
Is football a jury sport?04 June 2014
What martyr videos tell us04 June 2014
For Infinity: Aletta Jacobs21 May 2014
What effect does light have on sleep?21 May 2014
Stagnation and movement21 May 2014
For Infinity: Ubbo Emmius07 May 2014
The university in the classroom07 May 2014
Order or chaos: about the consequences of globalization07 May 2014
Young deaf, young hearing23 April 2014
Justice and injustice23 April 2014
Dyslexia in children23 April 2014
For Infinity: Barbeyrac09 April 2014
A fruit fly's concept of time09 April 2014
We are not our brain09 April 2014
A new way of teaching culture26 March 2014
Close collaboration with leading demographic institute NIDI26 March 2014
Putting on weight because of antipsychotics26 March 2014
Medical instruments12 March 2014
Emergency calls12 March 2014
City of the future12 March 2014
For Infinity: Petrus Driessen26 February 2014
Googling in historical handwritten archives26 February 2014
Paved-over gardens26 February 2014
Cryptic messages12 February 2014
Education for evermore – studying in the future12 February 2014
Tasting chemistry12 February 2014
For Infinity: Jacobus Cornelius Kapteyn29 January 2014
Embracing for centuries on end29 January 2014
Understanding pneumococci29 January 2014
A new prosthetic leg15 January 2014
Landscape in focus15 January 2014
New: The University College15 January 2014
The University Library’s treasures08 January 2014
Tongue and lips determine pronunciation08 January 2014
Diederik Roest in The Young Academy08 January 2014
For Infinity: Leendert Daniel Eerland11 December 2013
European Languages and Cultures proves popular11 December 2013
First chair for Mongolia in the Netherlands11 December 2013
Wadden gas en shale gas masterclass04 December 2013
Focusing on entrepreneurship04 December 2013
A thousand Discovery trips04 December 2013
Wanted: art!27 November 2013
Sustainable transport27 November 2013
Patents mean profit27 November 2013
Flashing stars: how fast are they?13 November 2013
Reliable Carbon 14 measurements13 November 2013
No more dry eyes and painful joints13 November 2013
Grants to acquire equipment13 November 2013
For Infinity: the history06 November 2013
The Grading Table06 November 2013
European Key Information Document: a guaranteed success?06 November 2013
European funds and international student mobility30 October 2013
Bibles on the market30 October 2013
How to choose a degree programme30 October 2013
Who wrote the Dead Sea Scrolls?09 October 2013
A switchable antibiotic09 October 2013
De Dromenwever: exam dreams09 October 2013
Buying for charity02 October 2013
Studying 2.002 October 2013
The search for new antibiotics02 October 2013
For Infinity: Gerard Heymans (1857-1930)25 September 2013
Successful studying and business25 September 2013
Impulsive healthy choices25 September 2013
Careers Company open for business18 September 2013
Influential Books Stoner18 September 2013
Why the Shanghai Ranking is Important18 September 2013
Unique partnership with IBM11 September 2013
Groningen - a Global Village?11 September 2013
Groningen Energy Summer School11 September 2013
Active Golden Oldies04 September 2013
Sustainable energy transition04 September 2013
Restoring trust between public law and citizens04 September 2013
Public chooses research for University's 400th anniversary04 September 2013
Town edges as calling cards26 June 2013
Public opinion on shale gas26 June 2013
Rijksmuseum Director Alumnus of the Year26 June 2013
Publications in the spotlight19 June 2013
Building a Nanovehicle19 June 2013
Nature: University of Groningen in Global Top 10019 June 2013
Migration to less popular rural areas12 June 2013
The Church of Sciences12 June 2013
The Brain's Opinion12 June 2013
What is noise nuisance?05 June 2013
University students are going Google05 June 2013
The North Pole: Exploitable Wilderness?05 June 2013
Walking the light with piezo29 May 2013
Poppema visits South Korea, Qatar and Saudi Arabia29 May 2013
A new type of pain treatment29 May 2013
Building with sods22 May 2013
Economics of Local Government22 May 2013
Discovering new medicines22 May 2013
Centre for Landscape Studies08 May 2013
Material Matter(s)!08 May 2013
Scientist in the spotlights08 May 2013
The new Dean's passion24 April 2013
Students' robot takes a trip24 April 2013
For Infinity: the history22 April 2013
Enzyme recycling17 April 2013
The University supports school pupils17 April 2013
Support the Arctic tern!17 April 2013
The Russian soul10 April 2013
King of the meadowland10 April 2013
University sensor activity in Canada10 April 2013
The anatomy lesson03 April 2013
'The making of' a video lecture03 April 2013
Study on the move03 April 2013
For Infinity: H.J. Scheltema27 March 2013
Discovering galaxies yourself27 March 2013
Which secrets can a church reveal?27 March 2013
A power outlet at sea20 March 2013
Improved prosperity without economic growth20 March 2013
Can computers understand our language?20 March 2013
How does a movie affect us?13 March 2013
Robots put to work at home13 March 2013
What is the University of Groningen doing in Antarctica?13 March 2013
What does our urine tell us?13 February 2013
Students for a sustainable future13 February 2013
Mental health as a choice13 February 2013
Supporting sexually abused children06 February 2013
What makes a good lecturer06 February 2013
Anorexia as an addiction06 February 2013
Sleepless nights in the University Library30 January 2013
The magic of seagrasses30 January 2013
400 Questions for the University23 January 2013
For Infinity, the Movie23 January 2013
On Stage For Infinity23 January 2013
For Infinity: the programme23 January 2013
On your way to a job16 January 2013
Studying and research as a Master's student16 January 2013
So now you're a student, then what....?16 January 2013
Open Day at the University of Groningen16 January 2013
Coping with bereavement after murder and manslaughter13 January 2013
Dining for charity12 December 2012
Innovative inhaler available worldwide12 December 2012
Free Dutch course12 December 2012
ERIBA's success05 December 2012
The Anatomy Lesson05 December 2012
Bernoulliborg even more sustainable05 December 2012
Sierra Leone and the Eric Bleumink Fund28 November 2012
New: European Languages and Cultures28 November 2012
New University website online!28 November 2012
New Rosalind Franklin Fellows21 November 2012
University does Institutional Test21 November 2012
Klaas Knot visits alma mater21 November 2012
25 years of BCN14 November 2012
Biography of Wilhelmina Bladergroen14 November 2012
Making offices even smarter14 November 2012
Looking at problem behaviour07 November 2012
A new generation of solar cells in the offing?07 November 2012
Nicolaas Mulerius Medal for Epke Zonderland07 November 2012
The world as lecture hall31 October 2012
Smart transport in a rural area31 October 2012
Alumnisong & Alumnilaid31 October 2012
Little secrets24 October 2012
Creative plotting24 October 2012
Increasing success for Open Access24 October 2012
Students make freshness sensor17 October 2012
What determines your speed?17 October 2012
University student assessor17 October 2012
Rosalind Franklin Fellowship10 October 2012
Successful start for student in energy sector10 October 2012
NEXT!10 October 2012
Rosalind Franklin Fellowship03 October 2012
Kick-off Energy Academy Europe03 October 2012
Honorary doctorate for Desmond Tutu03 October 2012
Bram Buunk on Lover's Envy26 September 2012
The message of children's books26 September 2012
Universities for a Sustainable Future26 September 2012
Does a child understand what it's saying?19 September 2012
Welcome on board the Love Boat19 September 2012
Man as Creator?19 September 2012
Political tweet: leak, press release or comment?12 September 2012
PhD Day - with an eye to the future12 September 2012
A new Academic Year. Time for a party!12 September 2012
Highlights of the academic year04 July 2012
Sustainable bank director wins award04 July 2012
Crisis Generation on Wall Street04 July 2012
A power nap during the night shift27 June 2012
The predecessor of the electric car27 June 2012
Cisca Wijmenga member of KNAW27 June 2012
Sport meets Science20 June 2012
Foreign student in University Council20 June 2012
Dead Sea Scrolls in the Drents Museum20 June 2012
Can money buy happiness?13 June 2012
Sustainable energy through European cooperation?13 June 2012
En route to a sustainable society13 June 2012
The success of the Moot Court06 June 2012
European R&D funds need researcher06 June 2012
Transit of Venus 201206 June 2012
Olympic Wall to honour RUG students30 May 2012
Nothing beats Groningen30 May 2012
Shiver your way to the University Prize23 May 2012
Stop diagnosing ADHD23 May 2012
Freedom or Business?23 May 2012
Enhance me!?16 May 2012
Fathoming fallacies16 May 2012
Infant formula catching up with breastmilk16 May 2012
University College for topstudents16 May 2012
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