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Study: Americans more likely to vote for politicians who wear glasses

Datum:28 januari 2019

A new study in the journal Social Psychology provides evidence that wearing glasses can increase the electoral chances of political candidates.

The researchers found that participants from the United States were more likely to vote for politicians when they wore glasses. Glasses had a positive effect for both liberals and conservatives, but the effect was stronger among more liberal participants.

However, the positive effect of glasses was influenced by situational factors. Participants favored candidates in glasses after being told the most important problem facing the country was complex legislative problems. But this positive effect went away when participants were instead told the most important problem was an attack from a neighboring country.

“Glasses seem to make you look more competent and intelligent, but less dominant. As competence is very important for election success, people seem to vote for politicians wearing glasses more,” Fleischmann told PsyPost.

The study, “You Can Leave Your Glasses on Glasses Can Increase Electoral Success“, was authored by Alexandra Fleischmann, Joris Lammers, Janka I. Stoker, and Harry Garretsen.

Read the full article at PsyPost.

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