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Your problem can be a great gain for science

At In the LEAD research centre we routinely carry out research within organisations and we deliver research-based advice on practical matters. The result is a win-win situation: the corporate sector benefits from our insights into leadership, while we continue to push back the limits of our knowledge.

Are you interested in research-based advice? Please contact us.

An example of a consultancy project:

Effect of earthquakes on house prices in Groningen

We were commissioned by the NAM to look into the impact of earthquakes and earthquake risk on house prices in Groningen. This involved comparing price trends in the risk zone with trends in comparable reference locations. Here are our main conclusions:

  1. No effect on prices before the quakes around the village of Huizinge. Prices in the risk zone were not significantly lower than in comparable areas that were unaffected by earthquakes.
  2. An effect on prices since the earthquakes. Since the earthquakes around Huizinge (16-08-2012 to 30-09-2015), house prices in the risk zone have seen a less favourable trend than in the reference locations.
  3. A net effect of two percent on average. The average price difference is greater in places that have experienced many earthquakes in the past and smaller where the repair of physical earthquake damage has been compensated for.

The outcomes are based on the average of all houses sold since ‘Huizinge’ and can’t be linked on a one-to-one basis to individual houses. The effect for a particular house depends, among other things, on the damage and earthquake history of that specific house at the time of sale. Also, the house price will reflect conditions at a specific moment in time. The study was conducted entirely independently and the conclusions are the full responsibility of the researchers.

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