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Mission & Vision

‘The world is changing faster than ever.’ ‘We are entering a new era with faster information flows, increasing business complexity and demands for different skills.’ The sentiment underlying these common pronouncements will be familiar to many. It encourages strategic leaders to think about effective leadership within their organisations, industries or countries – leadership that teaches them, when faced with such tensions, not only to survive, but to thrive.

Our primary objective at In the LEAD is to link external changes and tensions (‘outside’) with internal structures and processes (‘inside’). We supply evidence for what does and doesn’t work when dealing with these challenges. We believe that there is too much unsubstantiated hype surrounding leadership and organisations. Strategic leaders need clear advice in order to distinguish between gut feelings, substantiated evidence and unspecific questions that require further research.

It is our mission to support organisations and strategic leaders by means of scientific research and education in making effective choices, based on the context in which they operate. In the LEAD offers a unique, innovative approach by utilising insights from both economists and leadership and management experts and thereby providing solid, empirical evidence about individual leadership in relation to the organisational context. E conomists tend to approach organisations as a black box, while leadership experts are often unaware of the social context. We open the doors between these disciplines and analyse the interactions between them. We know that leadership effectiveness depends on the environment in which the leaders work.

In the LEAD offers support to strategic leaders through sound advice, gleaned from the relevant data. We help leaders in private and public organisations to understand which organisational choices they can make in a specific context and how these choices relate to their organisation’s performance. Our advice is organisationally and contextually specific. It takes into account general data and trends so that leaders can make well-considered choices. This approach enables top-level managers and leaders to focus on their core task, which is to provide direction and supervision while monitoring organisational performance and context dynamics – in other words, leadership.

Your leadership can benefit from our expertise. Please contact us for more information.

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