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Centre of expertise In the LEAD

Faculty of Economics and Business
In the LEAD

State-of-the-art research into the effectiveness of leadership

Leadership is essential for the effective functioning of both organisations and society at large. The mission of the Centre of Expertise In the LEAD (Leadership, Evidence, Advice & Data) is to support organisations and strategic leaders by means of scientific research and education in making effective choices, based on the context in which they operate. Specifically, we offer:

  1. State of the art research on the effectiveness of leadership;
  2. Tailor-made, scientifically based advice on practical matters;
  3. Executive education and lectures for organisations and professionals;
  4. Up-to-date insights in the form of blogs, podcasts and webinars.

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Leiderschap in crisistijd: vermijd de crisisreflex!
Date:02 April 2020

Hoogleraar leiderschap Leiderschap en Organisatieverandering aan de RUG Janka Stoker legt uit waarom leiders in de coronacrisis voor alles hun reflexen moeten beheersen. Dat is niet onmogelijk, wel lastig.

Leaders did react, but didn’t change | The effect of the 2008 financial crisis on leadership
Date:26 September 2018

This month is the 10th anniversary of the start of the 2008 financial crisis. The fall of  Lehman Brothers on 15 September 2008 impacted on the entire global business world, and was the trigger for  the so-called Great Recession. Economists have been racking...

Leiders schrokken wel, maar veranderden niet na financiële crisis
Date:17 September 2018

Never waste a good crisis, wordt wel eens gezegd. Maar na de val van Lehman Brothers en de grote recessie die daarop volgde, zijn leiders niet of nauwelijks veranderd, schrijven hoogleraar Leiderschap Janka Stoker en hoogleraar Economie Harry Garretsen in ...


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