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Faculty of Economics and Business
In the LEAD

State-of-the-art research on the effectiveness of leadership

Leadership is essential for the effective functioning of both organisations and society at large. At centre of expertise In the LEAD (Leadership, Evidence, Advice & Data), we provide organisations with state-of-the-art research on the effectiveness of leadership. We also deliver tailored advice and present lectures and talks to professionals and organisations.

It is our mission to support organisations and strategic leaders by means of scientific research and education in making effective choices, based on the context in which they operate. This involves bringing together the knowledge of our economists, leadership and management experts, and giving clear, research-based advice. Read more about our mission and vision or download the In the LEAD brochure.


Interview Janka Stoker: ‘HR moet managers veel vragen stellen’
Date:06 December 2018

De luis in de pels van managers. Dat zou HR volgens hoogleraar leiderschap en organisatieverandering Janka Stoker moeten zijn. 'Stel vragen. Wat willen we bereiken? Past het bij onze organisatie?'

Groter afbreukrisico voor vrouwelijke CEOs
Date:21 November 2018

Vrouwen zijn nog steeds ondervertegenwoordigd op de hoogste managementposities. Het hoogste percentage vrouwelijke CEOs in de Fortune 500 tot nu toe was 6,4% in 2017. En hoewel dit percentage in 2018 weer naar beneden lijkt te gaan, is het grote verschil met...

The Gender Disparity of CEO Hiring and Firing
Date:21 November 2018

Women are still under-represented in top management positions. The highest percentage of female CEOs in the Fortune 500 list until now was 6.4% in 2017. And although this percentage looks to decrease in 2018, it is still a big difference compared to around...


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