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Centre of expertise In the LEAD

Faculty of Economics and Business


Every year In the LEAD organises lectures on a wide range of topics relating to the leadership and performance of organisations. The knowledge developed by our professors and researchers is packaged clearly and comprehensibly into useful information that can be put to practical use. These lectures equip (top-level) managers and (HR) professionals with knowledge and insights that they can apply in their own practice.

Upcoming lectures:
Top-HR Leiderschapsprogramma: module 1
From:Th 18-03-2021 09:00
Until:Fr 19-03-2021 17:00
Where:Landgoed Het Roode Koper, 3852 PV Leuvenum
Top-HR Leiderschapsprogramma: module 2
From:Th 15-04-2021 09:00
Until:Fr 16-04-2021 17:00
Where:Landgoed Het Roode Koper, Leuvenum
Top-HR Leiderschapsprogramma: module 3
From:We 19-05-2021 09:00
Until:Th 20-05-2021 17:00
Where:Landgoed Het Roode Koper, Leuvenum

Viewing past lectures
Video What The Hague?! | Janka Stoker

Video Hersensap 2017 | Janka Stoker

RABO International Business Day | Harry Garretsen

Harry Garretsen gave a lecture entitled ‘Geography as a critical success factor’ at the RABO International Business Day in Utrecht on 8 September 2015. The lecture was about the role geography plays in international business. To view his presentation:

Divosa congres | Janka Stoker

Janka Stoker was a guest speaker at the Divosa conference. To view her presentation:

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