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'Economics and Leadership' conference

Datum:28 juni 2017

From June 7th till 9th, In the LEAD organized the first ‘Economics and Leadership’ conference in Groningen. The conference focused on research at the cross-roads of economics and leadership and brought together leading international economic and leadership scholars. Several top-economists and psychologists, such as Kathryn Shaw (Stanford U), John Antonakis (HEC Lausanne), Michael Kosfeld (Goethe U Frankfurt), Christian Zehnder (HEC Lausanne), Roberto Weber (U of Zurich) and Holger Herz (Fribourg U), presented their work. 

A short clip of the conference:

Also, Kathryn Shaw, John Antonakis and Michael Kosfeld were interviewed to discuss their work, see:

Related to the topic of the conference, a special issue of The Leadership Quarterly will be dedicated to the topic of ‘Economics and Leadership’.  Based on a clearly discernible increase of the relevance of leadership in economic research as well as economic factors in traditional leadership models—which goes along with a call from the leadership literature to consider economic factors more seriously—this special issue will bring together research at the cross-roads of economics and leadership.  The Call for papers can be found here.