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In the LEAD visits leadership scholars at Aarhus University

Datum:04 december 2017

At the School of Business and Social Sciences (BSS) at Aarhus University in Denmark, research on leadership and public management is the main focus of a group of scholars led by Lotte Bogh Andersen and Christian Botcher Jacobsen. Hosted at the Department of political science and public administration, this group of researchers has carried out a large research project in recent years on leadership (interventions), management and performance in the Danish public sector. On behalf of In the LEAD, Janka Stoker and Harry Garretsen visited the leadership researchers at BSS and besides giving a lecture, research seminar and talking to PhD students, they sat down with Andersen and Jacobsen to discuss the possible cooperation between In the LEAD and its Danish counterpart. There was a considerable enthusiasm to start working together and plans were made to actually start doing so!  More to follow on this in 2018……..